Saturday, March 28, 2009

This One's For The Boys:

     Hey readers, we're back! SOOO sorry for the recent hiatus. Basically, life has been super hectic since the week before spring break and Leah and I had to put our dearest blog on the backburner for a bit. No worries though, we've been inspired by the change in season and the short but fun Spring break we had. Now its time to get serious again. Well, I've promised a guy's post for a long time now, so here it is. I had a hard time trying to come up with a cohesive post to represent all of the cool men's styles out there so I decided that I would first write a post about the Spring essentials every guy should have. That way you could put your own spin on it, whether your style is prepster, gangsta, dork-head, hipster, whatever. After this essentials post, I will post more about guys trends and interesting pieces that I find and what not. So here are what I find that you boys should have in your closet this Spring in order to get some style cred:

Classy Short-shorts:
These shorts have become a major trend recently. Designers like Thom Browne and Marc Jacobs are all about preppy short-shorts. Wear these with graphic tees, button ups, polos, whatever represents your personal style. They're great for Spring because they are lightweight and they show off those legs! This pair is from American Apparel.

The Skinny Jean:
Every guy should have a pair of fitted, dark wash jeans. These go from day to night with ease and will make any outfit look sharp. Go as fitted as you like. My motto is the tighter the better! These are also from Urban Outfitters, they're Cheap Monday.

The Blazer: 
Everyone should invest in a fitted blazer this season because it looks good with everything, from tees to button ups, jeans to shorts. All body types look smokin' in these. This one is from Urban Outfitters.

The Cardigan:
Wear it over everything this spring. I don't really know what else to say. 

There's something really classy about vests. They are really flattering on all body types too. They don't have to be for dressy looks, you can wear your vest open over a graphic or plain tee. 

Interesting Outerwear:
I like when people contrast their everyday outfits with a crazy piece, like a hoody. These are a few of my boyfriends hoodies that are in really neat prints. He wears these with his dark skinnies and button ups and it looks great. These are from Fallen and Volcom. I also love the Bat Wing Hoody!

This seems to be a really popular accessory for both men and women this season. I think that bold timepieces are the best because they make you both scholarly-chic and punctual. This Penguin one is really cool and of a more classic style, but there are lots of funky alternatives as well. 

I wanted to write about man-bags and how great they are. Ditch your stupid old back-pack and start wearing more stylish bags to lug all of your stuff in. These two are a few of the zillions of stylish bags out there. Other accessories like leather folios, satchels and doctor bags are also neat accessories for men. The red backpack above is great because it is a more modern take on your typical dork-sack. It is sleek and I love the color. Found it on Karmaloop, a great streetwear site. The bottom bag is a messenger bag from a brand that I love, Burro. These bags are hand made in Jacksonville, FL by a friend of mine. They are fantastic and super durable. The best part is that you can have them customized. Check these bags out on their website.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes:
This season, I think that perhaps the most important thing for you boys to invest in is shoes that you love. Bold shoes show off your personal style and just take an outfit to a whole new level. The above photos are some of the shoes that my boyfriend has purchased this season. Styles to look for: oxfords, slip-ons, chukka boots, loafers, and high-tops. Perforated leather is a major trend according to the men's sector of As you can see, my bf got the memo. I absolutely loved the red Supra strappy high-tops. They are simply amazing! Found those on Karmaloop as well but just look around for shoes that suit your style. Urban Outfitters and also have tons of stylish options. 

     It seems like men's fashion is leaning towards a more sophisticated style this season. Mixing casual pieces with more formal seperates like blazers and vests gives you a put together yet still comfortable look. I really like this because it shows that it really doesn't take a lot of effort to look sharp. For spring, experiment with color and prints. Also, consider accessories like scarves, socks and hats for accenting your outfits. Think "laid-back croquet team", or something along those lines. Haha.
Well, I'm off to enjoy my Saturday night but I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Comment with some suggestions on men's trends that you're interested in. I'm so glad to be back!!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Gainesville Fashion Week Has Commenced!

Hey Everyone!
This weekend was pretty hectic. In between having a cold, celebrating birthdays, and studying, huge preparations were made this weekend for tonight's WOLFGANG FASHION SHOW. To all of you Gainesville fashion mavens, please please please come out and support Wolfgang. The show will be tonight at Sharab Lounge, at 10:30 pm. I've been doing a lot of helping out with the backstage prep and styling, so take it from me, everything is going to look great. The collection is spring themed and features funky prints, bright colors, and a wide range of styles and fits--All of which can be purchased at Wolfgang. You are all going to die over the French Connection and Roberta Oaks dresses. Really though, this is our first EVER Gainesville Fashion Week, and in order for this to become seasonal we need community interest and support. So much work has gone into putting this together.

Check for the full schedule of events for this week. 

Hopefully Leah and I will see some of you darling readers out at Sharab tonight! I'll be working behind the scenes, but will be around after the show. Look out for Leah in the audience snapping pictures for the blog.