Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grace Kelly Purse

Why was I not around during the '50s? Gimme everything from this time: modesty, high-waists, gloves, furs, mini-handbags, structured clothing... nom.I'm envious of my parents for having been born in that decade. I wish I could have seen what it was like.

Plus they had Grace Kelly.

I found this scalloped beauty at a thrift store in Orlando last weekend. It's so classic. I love it.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

19 Going on 80:

Really though, what feels better than finding something beautiful at a thrift store?

As I come to realize that I am actually an 80 year old woman trapped in an (almost)20 year old body, I become more and more obsessed with piling on vintage baubles and accessories over my high-waisted skirts and lace blouses. Here are a few of my recent vintage treasures that are taking over my accessory repertoire:

One of the first things that I do when I wake up is put at least 3 accessories on each arm.
The buckle bangle is from a random vintage jewelry shop along the highway, the tulip bracelet is actually from Persona vintage! I got it on Fashion's Night Out. The contoured ring is another thrift store find.

Do you ever find a pair of shoes that you think are so cute that you don't want to wear them? This is one of mine. They are an Urban Thread find. The perforation is so adorable, totally granny. They're sitting atop my beautiful vintage picnic basket, fully equipped with the plates, cutlery, and tumblers fit for a romantic picnic for two.

Wicker basket + needlepoint embroidery = my dream bag!
I found this antique beauty at Loop de Loop a little while back and I am simply obsessed. I love that it is extremely structured and I can manage to squeeze in all of my lipstick options, iPhone, wallet and even a rolled up cardigan. It is also perfect for sneaking snacks into movie theaters.

Hope you enjoyed the vintage eye-candy. Have you acquired any of your own lately?
Also, I am in DESPERATE need of more hair advice! I am getting my hair cut for the first time in forever this Saturday and I have no idea what to do! This is purely out of necessity, because I am completely uninspired at the moment. If you have any suggestions for cool short hair ideas, holla at mee!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bowified Booties:

Today, I found the fall ankle-booties that were created for me. I had seen these beauties online a few weeks back, but the $390.00 price tag was a way too steep for me. I figured that I would thrift a pair of old black booties and then just add the bows on myself. Well, I saved a lot of time and money ($332.00 to be exact) by snagging these at Urban Thread today!! Happiest moment of my life! These amazing Chie Mihara Atame ribbon bow booties are an absolute dream. They are so comfy and the leather is so soft. These are going to go beautifully with all of my crocheted tights, blazers, and tunics for fall. Scholarly-chic, here I come!


DIY: Brooch and Earring Frame

A few weeks ago on a thrift trip, I found this amazing frame in a bin for only $1. It was perfect for a DIY project that I had in mind. I went to another thrift store and found a sheet of vintage lace, whipped out my staple gun, and went to work. The end result was this awesome brooch and earring frame. It is perfect for displaying earrings and keeping your vintage brooches and cameos safe from harm. I absolutely love it!

Have you guys been DIYing lately? What do you think of this little project? Hope you enjoyed! Also, expect more DIYs because I bought a crocheting kit and I plan on making tons and tons of neck doilies and grocery sacks.


The Perfect Peep-Toes:

In the middle of spring, I had blogged about these amazing Betsey Johnson floral peep-toe pumps. A few weekends ago, I made a quick stop by the Prime Outlets in Orlando. Obviously, I just had to sneak into the Betsey Johnson outlet. To my astonishment, my dream shoes were there, and for only $60! I bought them on impulse. Here's a look at my new loves:

Simply Put, Betsey Johnson is my hero. I love everything she designs. I also bought a lace, ruffled shrug, and a sequined tulip-shaped cape. Pictures of those two treasures will be up soon. Any thoughts? Let me know!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Street Style: Jessica and Troy

I spotted this hot duo at Skyy bar on Friday night while waiting for the Dahlia and BobbyK fashion shows. Are they not amazing looking?! When I asked where her sick harem pants were from, she answered "My mom's closet"! Go figure! These authentic 70's pants look amazing paired with a slinky cami and serious neck candy. I was honestly stalking this girl all night. The story behind Troy is that this wasn't our first fashion-oriented interaction. I've already nearly died over his style once before on a crosswalk near campus. I was kicking myself for not photographing him last time, so I knew that tonight I just couldn't let him slip away. I love that he pairs his edgy jeans and sneaks with geek-chic layering of a cardi, tie and button up. These two were my favorite pair of the night!


Fashion Week Recap: BobbyK

The BobbyK fashion show was really interesting because it was actually like four fashion shows in one. The show was split by themes, the first being super bubblegum pink and girly. The second was a little bit darker, but still sexy and fun. The third theme seemed more oriented towards evening, with shiny purple minidresses and puff-sleeves. The final walk was totally lady gaga-esque sexy leotards and party dresses. The show was titled "In Love With a Robot", and you could just imagine all of these sexy space-age dream girls on the prowl for true inter-galactic love. The show was lots of fun, and had tons of looks! Here are some snapshots:

I love that although the concept was very fun and experimental, I can totally see myself in a hot pink, completely ruffled dress or bubblegum colored genie pants. I wonder when these will be available for sale?! I'll be sure to let you know when you can get your robot hands on some of these funky looks!


Fashion Week Recap: Dahlia

The Dahlia fashion show exemplified how fall can still be flirty and girly. The color palette was very focused around black and royal blue, with adorable pops of fuschia and patterns. Each piece had adorable detailing, like ruffles, bib necklines, or sequins. You should definitely rush over to Dahlia asap if you plan on getting your hands on any of these pieces, because everything was so cute and flattering as well. What I love about Christy from Dahlia's taste is that every piece is super girly and adorable, but still really classic and makes a great statement. None of these looks will go out of style. Here are some snapshots from the runway show that took place at Skyy bar this past friday:

One of my favorite dresses!

Cutest bathing suit ever!

Final walk

If you want high-quality, beautiful clothes that will keep you happy for seasons to come, I highly recommend Dahlia. The boutique is absolutley adorable and you are basically going to be lusting after everything in the store.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fashion Week Recap: Fashion's Night Out

Fashion's Night Out was soo much fun! Leah and I, along with two of our besties (Zaira and Agnes), set out to tear this town apart with our debit cards on Thursday night. We did some serious damage to say the least.

We started out at Dahlia (on NW 43rd St) and enjoyed chatting with Christy about her upcoming fashion show. Zaira and Agnes left with a couple of super cute tanks. Here are some pics of Dahlia:

Leah and I with the super-adorable owner, Christy. Her outfit was one of the looks from her fashion show!

We got to shop while muching on mini-cupcakes and pink champagne.

After checking out Dahlia, we made our way over to perhaps my favorite little boutique in Gainesville, Loop de Loop! If you've never been, Loop de Loop is on NE 16th Ave, just past Main St. This store is a haven for beautiful vintage treasures and cute trinkets. We had so much fun chatting it up with the store owners and shopping around. I left with an adorable vintage neck-scarf that doubles as a cowl. I'll be sure to post pictures soon. Here is a look at Loop de Loop:

We made quite a few more stops on our FNO adventure, including a necessary and expensive stop at American Apparel where we all bought sooo much stuff. We just had to take advantage of that amazing 25% discount! Next we headed over to Persona, an awesome vintage boutique on SE 2nd Place. They had really cool live mannequins posing throughout the store and each of us left with adorable accessories: Here's a picture of us with the owner and one of her original designs:

Oh, and that's the floral Audrey dress that was featured in the Wolfgang fashion show! Only $36!
After Persona, the girls and I enjoyed dinner and free wontons at Dragonfly, and then made our way over to some of the bars that were part of FNO. We were exhausted from walking and shopping that we made our way home after stopping by the Lux afterparty. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in Fashion's Night Out. We had so much fun shopping and socializing with local business owners. Leah and I, along with the rest of the Wolfgang team, worked SO hard to plan this night and we are so happy that it turned out to be such a great event. Did any of you guys go to Fashion's Night out? Let us know what you thought! We would absolutley love some feedback so that we can make the next one even better.
Coming up: recaps of Dahlia and BobbyK fashion shows


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fashion Week Recap: Wolfgang

The Wolfgang fashion was a great success. Leah and I worked our usual duties as backstage model dressers. It is always so much fun to watch the show come together. We always wish that we could enjoy the show, but the backstage atmosphere is so chaotic, I love it. Thank goodness my friend Caro was in the crowd to take photos of the actual show for me! There are a lot of great new things at Wolfgang that were featured in the show, like this cute (and super affordable) line called Audrey, as well as the ever-cute Roberta Oaks, Cheap Monday, and Insite. Here are some shots of the action at Sharab lounge:

Leah and I representing Wolfgang!
I'm wearing a Betsey Johnson butterfly dress, and Leah is wearing a Cheap Monday skirt and Betsey Johnson blouse. We are both wearing tons of vintage accessories.

Team Wolfgang waiting to prep the models.
From left to right: Leah, moi, Rebecca, Natalie, Jordan, and Carly.

Here are some looks from the runway:


Can't wait for spring fashion week! Like I said, stop into Wolfgang and get your hands on some of the amazing new clothes. There are so many funky dresses and tops in right now, you won't be able to help yourself. I already bought one of the dresses from the fashion show and wore it to Fashion's Night Out. You'll be seeing it up on the blog soon. The Audrey line is my absolute favorite at Wolfgang right now. Everything ranges from about $30-$45 and it's super cute and versatile. Let me know what you thought about the show! Up next: a recap of Fashion's Night Out!