Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

Hello, loves!!

I'm terribly sorry about the hiatus! Between being on the Gainesville Fashion Week committee, getting elected Promotions Director of Reitz Union Board: Entertainment, Retail Society, tons of studying for finals, and planning for my summer in Philadelphia, I was forced to put my darling blog on hold. But don't worry, I'M BACK, and The Tonnish Touch is about to be better than ever. This summer, I'll be blogging from Philadelphia, as I'm living here for my internship! I'm so excited to report on this beautiful city. I live right in Center City, Philadelphia, near all of the incredible shops, parks and restaurants. I just got in last night, so today I unpacked, bought some groceries, and then strolled around the neighborhood.

Here is what I wore:

Wearing: Vintage sunglesses, belt, and scarf, Urban Outfitters blouse, Target skirt, Hobo International bag, Steve Madden flats, jewels from Italy.

My studio apartment is absolutely wonderful because it is in an old brownstone, and back when this building was actually someone's mansion, my studio was the library! I have 15' high ceilings, a window that is to die for, and my walls are lined in beautiful wooden bookshelves. Of course, I had to use these shelves to my advantage and create the shoe & accessory closet of my dreams!

Have a look at some shots of my new home-sweet-home and my fantasy closet...

My internship orientation is on Tuesday, wish me luck!! I'll be sure to take photos and post up the beautiful things that I come across. I've missed blogging so much! Hope all is well with you, dolls. What's everyone up to this summer?

Until next time!