Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Preview: Gainesville Fashion Week

Hey there!
     Well, despite Leah and I being socially non-existent due to school and work, we decided to dust ourselves off and head to the Gainesville Fashion Week open casting-call to check out potential models and catch up with the old crew. The casting was held at Sharab Lounge last night. I'm not gonna lie, I felt pretty swanky sitting front row with my best friend pretending to be some sort of model critic or something. It was a lot of fun. We got to catch up with our friends from Wolfgang, and I got a lot of pictures of girls and guys who you should look forward to seeing, starting March 1st. Not only that, but people were rocking some sweet shoes that of course I snagged some pictures of. 
Perhaps this was the highlight of the night:

Tim Tebow hearts The Tonnish Touch
Gainesville's hero was at the casting-call, in support of fashion I suppose. He was very friendly, more than willing to pose for a picture with us and answer our questions. Apparently "Timmy" got the memo about prepster chic, rocking a Lacoste button up, unknown jeans, and black leather dress shoes. Perhaps we'll see him around Gainesville fashion week? 

     There was a great turnout for the model casting. There were some real cuties out there. The contendors were not only attractive, but stylish too. Here are some pictures I took during the run-throughs. (Look out for familiar faces from previous blog posts.)

The Girls:

The Boys:

Yep, this really happened. 

Here are some snapshots of us just hanging out and enjoying the evening:

Your's Truly

Matt, the ever-stylish owner of Wolfgang

Natalie and Carly

So, there were some serious shoe moments throughout the night! Here are some of mine and Leah's pics for most beautiful soles...

J'adore! And guess what, the cutie who was sporting these told me she got them at Urban Thread! Represent!!

Leah and I were mesmerized by these all night! Needless to say, the mule-wedge is in! This style is really beautiful and unique. I think they make your legs look longer. Leah will fill you in on what brand they were, I think I was too busy drooling to remember. 

Peep-toe bootie, always a winner. 

Leah and I almost roofied our friend Natalie so that we could get our hands on these amazing lace up boots. Unfortunatly, a felony isn't a cute accessory. Oh, and those adorable satin platforms in the corner belong to Leah! 

I know this was a long post, but I really hope that it got some of you excited for Gainesville Fashion Week! If I'm not mistaken, it is set to begin on March 1st. I am so excited because I think that this will be a great chance for Gainesville to embrace it's style and the fashion community that we have here. It exists!! Despite the fact that it will be taking place during a mid-term week (the week before Spring break), The Tonnish Touch will be covering everything that we can. And don't worry, Leah and I will have behind the scenes deets as well because we are making sure that we will be involved in the process of putting this week together. There is still a lot of work to do but as soon as we find out more information about events and venues we will let you know. 
Thanks again for reading! Leah and I love writing this blog so much and we appreciate everyone who takes the time to read it. Let us know your thoughts!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Holiday gifties

I know this is a little late but I wanted to do a post of the treasures I received for my birthday/Christmas. 

From left to right: Miss Sixty black boots, Jeffrey Campbell granny heels (you can still get them from Urban Outfitters), Forever 21 combat boots (I love to pair tough looking accessories with girly skirts and such), Marc Jacobs heart flats, and Bakers gray suede boots from my boyfriend.

check that hardware

from left to right, starting at the top: vintage cuff, Betsey Johnson bow bracelet, Juicy Couture butterfly charm, Juicy Couture butterfly bracelet from my bf and Juicy heart ring.
(I'm hoping you ignore how creepy my hands look, especially because I don't have nail polish on! tragic.)

Cheap Monday tuxedo skirt from Flavs that I need to get altered because CM off sizes some items, French Connection kisses shirt, and Chanel scarf (my big gift from my parents for my 21st birthday)

Clockwise: Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, The Little Black Dress, The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia (hard to see), Style A to Zoe by Rachel Zoe, A Chanel coffee table book, A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style by Tim Gunn, The One Hundred: A Guide to The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nina Garcia, and Cupcakes a recipe book by Susanna Tee.

The books were probably my favorite gifts because I love reading and looking at pretty pictures. Can't wait to read them! Oh and all of these were purchased from Amazon, which is way cheaper than any of the bookstores.  

Let me know what you think and tell me about the gifts you received! Thanks to Flavs for taking these pictures for me <3


Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Friday Afternoon

Flavs and I both had the day off from work today, which NEVER happens, so we actually got to brainstorm together for once. While at my home eating the 2.5 lbs of jelly bellies I purchased today, we came up with this idea to wear our scarves in a new way. Instead of wearing them loosely tied in a triangle around our necks like usual, we rolled them up and knotted them to make them look like necklaces. This is how they turned out: 

What do you guys think? 

In other news: Flavia called me when I was almost home about a shoe crisis, so of course, I did a quick three-point turn and crunched it to Urban Thread (our favorite store). I walked in to this: a Jeffrey Campbell lover's wet dream.

That's a tough decision right? We've both been drooling over these beauties on Urban Outfitters' Web site for months and they finally made it to Urban Thread! We mulled over the gold or black issue for about 30 minutes I'd say because Flavia takes forever to make a decision. I, on the other hand, walked in and decided to buy the black ones before I had even put them on my feet. After weighing her options, she finally decided on the gold ones... a good choice I think. 

Thanks for reading and expect more posts soon! 

-Leah and Flavia 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why didn't I know about this before?

I wish our currency was euros yet again.
It was 28 degrees while I was walking to class this morning. I think that was when I started daydreaming about spring florals and accessories. After a day trapped in the library, I came home and did some fashion research. 
I stumbled upon
UM, has anyone else heard of this website before!? I haven't looked deep into its origins yet, but it seems like this an amazing European version of Urban Outfitters that they have been keeping secret from us (or atleast ME). The way I see it, it seems like a more affordable Topshop. Che dolce! They have an amazing variety of styles and options. They carry designers that you'll recognize as well as their own ASOS line, which is actually really chic. Here are some of my lusts. They consist of mainly florals and bows, big surprise right? 
Take a look:

ASOS Multi Floral Strapless Dress

Anna Lou Of London Bow and Chain Floral Shopper

Dahlia Full Skirted Floral Dress

Disney Couture Sleeping Beauty's Bow Ring

Colette Powell Stripe Rosette Dress

ASOS Mesh Bow Cuff

Motel Long Rose Print Vest Dress

Pretty cute? 
Definitely take a look at this website on your own. You're guaranteed to find something you'll love. Im not sure how they deal with foreign currency and shipping and all of that quite yet, but I'll let you know once I make an attempt at buying something. I'm kind of broke right now...but I'll figure it out. Just wondering: Does anyone know where I can find cute tops/blouses that are under the $40 range? Maybe something with some ruffles or buttons? I really want some tops that would look nice tucked into high waisted skirts and pants, but I can't seem to find many at all. I swear I only have like 3 cute shirts. I usually resort to basic tank tops and tees. I'd realllly appreciate the advice! Here's a little something that I wish I had, but I never will: 

Christian Louboutin Platform Cage Sandal

How's that for a zinger? Well I hope you all enjoyed this post and become entranced by Leave some comments. Oh, and I promise that there will be a boys post soon!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton tribute collection for Stephen Sprouse

I stole this hot piece of news from my friend Natasha's blog so thanks to her for being an avid MJ observer and posting it for me to enjoy!

 As a tribute to designer Stephen Sprouse, Marc Jacobs created a collection reminisicient of Sprouse's style and their collaboration. He uses graffiti and florals to "deface the monogram" and create new meaning for the bags and the brand. 

Even though I admire the brand and own a vintage piece (that I never use), I'm not a huge Louis Vuitton fan, but if Christmas hadn't just passed... I would have asked for something from this collection. It's by far my favorite variation of the classic monogram. 

My favorites: 

I love that this bag can be a clutch, wristlet or shoulder bag. Wristlets are perfect for dancing so you dont drop your pretty clutch on the gross floor! (me and flavs do it all the time and it makes us so mad)

I'd endure all kinds of public humilation for this scarf. 

and a shot of the graffiti prints

Check out a commentary of the collection via video by MJ himself. Plus, you get to see pictures of the collection that aren't on the We Love Sprouse site. 


Friday, January 9, 2009

Street Style: WOLFGANG Cocktail Party

 Sorry about the lack of Street Style posts lately! Fortunately Leah and I both have more classes on campus this semester so there will be more of an opportunity to catch people around town who are looking good. Tonight Wolfgang boutique hosted a great cocktail party where guests got anywhere from 15%-30% off all items. There were some great things on sale! I got an amazing French Connection flapper dress and some Just U.S.A. skinny jeans, I'll be sure to post pictures of those soon. A lot of people looked great tonight, and luckily I had my camera on hand to catch a few cuties. Let us know what you think!

Oh my gosh, this girl was the belle of the evening. Her style is absolutely incredible. Leah and I both basically were drooling over her outfit, especially her shoes. This look is great because it is a perfect harmony of feminine and tough pieces. I tried to get a few snapshots of her so that you could appreciate all of the details in this look. Adore the strappy pumps and leather accessories! 

*Mike & Chris jacket, Complex Geometrics dress, Dolce Vita shoes, Alexander Wang clutch, Zara belt*

These accessories are wonderful, look at that finger hardware. So jealous...

I want. 
Also, look at those great "Either/Or" tights. You can snag those at Urban Outfitters. But beware, Leah has them and they're really thin and easy to rip. 

Everytime we see Julia, she looks super glamorous. This outfit is a mix of new and vintage. This dress is really flattering because it's drapey but still accentuates the neck and waist. 

*Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and Vintage shoes*

This boy is a Gainesville style icon. You can stalk him at American Apparel if you really feel like it. I love that his look is both fashion forward but still reminiscent of 80s streetwear. 

*American Apparel shirt and jeans, pleather jacket, Rubber Duck shoes (from Urban Thread), and Molenti hat*

J'adore! This boy has amazing style. Love the leather jacket and the adorable school boy shoes. Basically Jon exemplifies the theory that guys really don't need to try too hard to look fashionable. A few classy yet simple pieces and you look great. 
*Levis 510 jeans, Shmoove wingtip sneakers, Hanes white tee, Vintage leather jacket*


I love that she's wearing a cardigan tucked into a high waisted skirt. Plus, she makes flannel print look classy. 
*Forever21 cardigan and tights, H&M skirt, Steve Madden heels, Forever21 Accessories*

     Well I hope that you guys were inspired by some of Gainesville's finest. I also wanted to do an innocent plug for Wolfgang. If you haven't stopped in there lately, be sure to do so. There are some great essentials in there right now for guys and girls. Best of all, so much is on sale right now! For girls: there are blazers, high waisted skirts, and dresses galore. Guys: there are some great button ups, jeans, and funky tees in right now. For those of you who don't own any Cheap Monday jeans and are too nervous to order them online, Wolfgang has sooo many sizes and styles. I have 4 pairs, all from there. My boyfriend just got an amazing pair of acid wash grey skinnies ::swoon:: Oh, and theres some great Dolce Vita dresses in too! Basically, get in there. 

Just out of curiosity, do we have a male following at all? Because I really want to do some research on great looks for guys and was hoping that it would actually have an impact on someone out there. Just let us know. 

Stay warm, and comment!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday Loot

Hey readers! 
We hope you guys had fun over the holidays. South Florida was a lot less inspiring than I thought it would be. I spent my break mainly catching up with old friends and family. I thought it would be fitting to do a post-holiday review of interesting things that I bought, as well as gifts that I received for the holidays. Let me know what you all think! I'd also love to hear about some of the great finds you all have had recently!

The holidays wouldn't be complete without a little Betsey Johnson! I got this bag on ultra markdown after the holidays. It's great because the pewter color matches with everything, and it is really versatile with the long strap. My favorite detail is the huge tassle in the front of the bag. A lot of Betsey bags are really whacky, but I cant help but love them! I think they're great for school because the add character to your every day outfits. Plus: the "Betseyville" line is really affordable. Also pictured: I found these great vintage pearls. Go for long strands of pearls and wear them with casual dresses and leggings. I love polarity in outfits, a basic tee with flats and long pearls look great. 

Vintage Jewels:
My boyfriend found me all of these gems. I wish I could take the credit for these finds! The cameo charms are great because I can hang them on bracelets and necklaces, and the ring adds granny-glam to everything. I've been loving putting brooches on cardigans and peacoats recently, it makes your outfit a little more elegant. Try looking for old cameos and pins at thrift stores and flea markets! I also got that amazing gold latticework ring. 

I live in flats. The sad part of that is that I destroy my flats really quickly. So honestly, I tend to not spend very much money on flats. Here in Gainesville, I always by my flats at Urban Thread for anywhere between$15-$25. I bought these cute bow flats on sale at Urban Outfitters. I have to admit, I'm a culprit of buying cute things in multiple colors when they're on sale. I couldn't resist having two pairs of these adorable shoes! The other pair is a pair of Tahari flats. I don't know much about the brand, but i loved the mix of patent leather and reptile along with the Gucci-esque hardwear. I recommend the brand. 
To girls who are trying to jazz up their wardrobe: try out flats! They're adorable, comfortable, and there are styles for every girl. They are 300x cuter than flip-flops. 

Sam Edelman geometric pumps:
I think these beauties may be my favorite find of the holidays! I love these shoes because the details are bold and different, but in a classic understated way. I don't think that one would expect the geometric pop from these otherwise classic black pumps. If you've never tried out Sam Edelman shoes before, I really recommend that you go out and try a pair on. I think the shoes are always well made and fashion forward, while still being marginally affordable. I was really lucky to find these on sale. I love the metallic insoles! I'm excited to wear these with just about everything. 

Nude Patent Pumps:
I actually got the inspiration of searching for nude patent-leather pumps from Rumi, it-girl of the blog "Fashion Toast". The nude color is an interesting touch to any outfit and the plus is that it elongates your legs. I have been nervous to try out this peep-toe-ankle-bootie-platform style hybrid shoe, but I think they are pretty cute. Plus these shoes were super affordable, they're from Steve Madden's most affordable line called "Madden Girl". I dare you to try out the style, I promise you'll be pleased. 

Trinkets, baubles, and jewels:
I was lucky to recieve a lot of cute accessories as gifts this year. My "big" christmas gift this year from my parents was this adorable cut-out heart band from Tiffany's. I absolutely love it because it is classic but with a sweet edge. Leah got me that amaaazing mother of pearl barrett. Since my hair is a little to short for it right now, I've been hanging on a gold chain as a charm (super cute!). She also got me that dazzling purple heart charm for my charm bracelet. My boyfriend's parents got me the vintage Murano glass ring (looks really neat when worn on your index finger), and that gorgeous and colossal floral bangle. I love when girls wear bangles high up on their arm. I bought myself those cute little "F" initial earings, they complement any outfit and are still personalized.
*Vintage bangle and Murano ring, Betsey Jonson hair clip, Juicy Couture heart charm, Tiffany's cut-out heart band, and Urban Outfitters initial earrings*

Those were my top finds and gifts from the holidays. Hopefully you may have seen something that you'd like to try out or perhaps that we both love and have. Oh, before I forget:
GAINESVILLERS: This friday, January 9th, go to Wolfgang boutique on 12th street and University Ave for major sales and cocktails by Sharab lounge. I'm telling you, the sales are going to be amazing you don't want to miss it!!
Also, check out tomorrow's alligator to see an interview with yours truly! I'm super excited, I was interviewed by the beautiful Lane (you may remember her from one of our first Street Style posts) and I guess there will be a tiny feature on me. Let me know if you see it! 
All in all, I hope to write a lot more. Now that I'm back in Gainesville I have a lot more trend hunting to do. I'll post all of the finds that I can. Please, leave a comment. I love hearing from you! Expect posts on platforms, more vintage, and fashion newsflashes.