Friday, January 9, 2009

Street Style: WOLFGANG Cocktail Party

 Sorry about the lack of Street Style posts lately! Fortunately Leah and I both have more classes on campus this semester so there will be more of an opportunity to catch people around town who are looking good. Tonight Wolfgang boutique hosted a great cocktail party where guests got anywhere from 15%-30% off all items. There were some great things on sale! I got an amazing French Connection flapper dress and some Just U.S.A. skinny jeans, I'll be sure to post pictures of those soon. A lot of people looked great tonight, and luckily I had my camera on hand to catch a few cuties. Let us know what you think!

Oh my gosh, this girl was the belle of the evening. Her style is absolutely incredible. Leah and I both basically were drooling over her outfit, especially her shoes. This look is great because it is a perfect harmony of feminine and tough pieces. I tried to get a few snapshots of her so that you could appreciate all of the details in this look. Adore the strappy pumps and leather accessories! 

*Mike & Chris jacket, Complex Geometrics dress, Dolce Vita shoes, Alexander Wang clutch, Zara belt*

These accessories are wonderful, look at that finger hardware. So jealous...

I want. 
Also, look at those great "Either/Or" tights. You can snag those at Urban Outfitters. But beware, Leah has them and they're really thin and easy to rip. 

Everytime we see Julia, she looks super glamorous. This outfit is a mix of new and vintage. This dress is really flattering because it's drapey but still accentuates the neck and waist. 

*Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and Vintage shoes*

This boy is a Gainesville style icon. You can stalk him at American Apparel if you really feel like it. I love that his look is both fashion forward but still reminiscent of 80s streetwear. 

*American Apparel shirt and jeans, pleather jacket, Rubber Duck shoes (from Urban Thread), and Molenti hat*

J'adore! This boy has amazing style. Love the leather jacket and the adorable school boy shoes. Basically Jon exemplifies the theory that guys really don't need to try too hard to look fashionable. A few classy yet simple pieces and you look great. 
*Levis 510 jeans, Shmoove wingtip sneakers, Hanes white tee, Vintage leather jacket*


I love that she's wearing a cardigan tucked into a high waisted skirt. Plus, she makes flannel print look classy. 
*Forever21 cardigan and tights, H&M skirt, Steve Madden heels, Forever21 Accessories*

     Well I hope that you guys were inspired by some of Gainesville's finest. I also wanted to do an innocent plug for Wolfgang. If you haven't stopped in there lately, be sure to do so. There are some great essentials in there right now for guys and girls. Best of all, so much is on sale right now! For girls: there are blazers, high waisted skirts, and dresses galore. Guys: there are some great button ups, jeans, and funky tees in right now. For those of you who don't own any Cheap Monday jeans and are too nervous to order them online, Wolfgang has sooo many sizes and styles. I have 4 pairs, all from there. My boyfriend just got an amazing pair of acid wash grey skinnies ::swoon:: Oh, and theres some great Dolce Vita dresses in too! Basically, get in there. 

Just out of curiosity, do we have a male following at all? Because I really want to do some research on great looks for guys and was hoping that it would actually have an impact on someone out there. Just let us know. 

Stay warm, and comment!



Evan said...

Of course you have a male following. My problem is fitting into all these tiny jeans you would have me wear.

What's something us bigger dudes should be wearing?

Diandra said...

Thanks for the flattering post you guys! Great blog. Put your blog on bloglovin so I can follow it better!

Leah and Flavia said...

diandra - just type the URL into the search bar and it should appear.

Hannah said...

we have those Either/or tights at Urban Thread in case anyone really wants them! $6.50 I think

natasha said...

i finally was able to come in today! i really want that PARIS alex & chloe shirt! i'll have to make sure i bring some shopping $$$ next time i'm in gainesville. thank you leah for being so hospitable :))) <3

breezy said...

guy following? duh.

Lauren said...

You girls always seem to know where all the fashion happenings are occurring around Gainesville. Could you let your blog followers know in advance the next time something is going on at Wolfgang? Thanks!