Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why didn't I know about this before?

I wish our currency was euros yet again.
It was 28 degrees while I was walking to class this morning. I think that was when I started daydreaming about spring florals and accessories. After a day trapped in the library, I came home and did some fashion research. 
I stumbled upon
UM, has anyone else heard of this website before!? I haven't looked deep into its origins yet, but it seems like this an amazing European version of Urban Outfitters that they have been keeping secret from us (or atleast ME). The way I see it, it seems like a more affordable Topshop. Che dolce! They have an amazing variety of styles and options. They carry designers that you'll recognize as well as their own ASOS line, which is actually really chic. Here are some of my lusts. They consist of mainly florals and bows, big surprise right? 
Take a look:

ASOS Multi Floral Strapless Dress

Anna Lou Of London Bow and Chain Floral Shopper

Dahlia Full Skirted Floral Dress

Disney Couture Sleeping Beauty's Bow Ring

Colette Powell Stripe Rosette Dress

ASOS Mesh Bow Cuff

Motel Long Rose Print Vest Dress

Pretty cute? 
Definitely take a look at this website on your own. You're guaranteed to find something you'll love. Im not sure how they deal with foreign currency and shipping and all of that quite yet, but I'll let you know once I make an attempt at buying something. I'm kind of broke right now...but I'll figure it out. Just wondering: Does anyone know where I can find cute tops/blouses that are under the $40 range? Maybe something with some ruffles or buttons? I really want some tops that would look nice tucked into high waisted skirts and pants, but I can't seem to find many at all. I swear I only have like 3 cute shirts. I usually resort to basic tank tops and tees. I'd realllly appreciate the advice! Here's a little something that I wish I had, but I never will: 

Christian Louboutin Platform Cage Sandal

How's that for a zinger? Well I hope you all enjoyed this post and become entranced by Leave some comments. Oh, and I promise that there will be a boys post soon!!


Diandra said...

Yeah, the site is "As Seen On Screen", kinda cheesy, but whatev, good stuff. Those shoes are uhmaaazing.

natasha said...

vintage stores have GREAT blouses, i actually wore one today tucked into a high waisted denim skirt. i liked it a lot and it made me want to get a few more. if you're ever in tallahassee, come into Sick Boy Vintage. i'm not just using this as a sad plug for advertising, they actually have a bunch of cute blouses with the drop bow tie, or whatever you call it. good luck! and those dresses are super super cute.

Amy said...

H&M has really great blouses/tops for super cheap. I know this isn't really helpful considering there aren't any in florida, but if you ever take a trip up to atlanta (i know dallas told me he and leah have been wanting to!), there are like 4 of them here. you could probably find some h&m clothing on ebay.

StreetStylist said...

I love I have alot of posts on their stuff all the time! great website! glad you found it.

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