Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We just wanted to say Happy Holidays to all our readers!
We love you all.
Be safe!

and just for reference....

Flavia: fur coat from a vintage store in west palm beach, betsey johnson dress from wolfgang, isaac mizrahi for target shoes

Leah: vintage fur cardigan from my grandmother, trinity dress from wolfgang, betsey johnson tights and shoes, vintage snakeskin clutch


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shopping List:

Since it's the season of giving and being merry, I thought I'd give you guys some suggestions and inspirations for your winter wardrobe. It took me so long before I embraced winter fashion. I used to just wear hoodies and leggings all the time, but those days are over. It can be scary because the only way to really stand out in winter is to be daring with your fashion sense. Layer and accessorize with bright tights, bold handbags, scarves, and most importantly, boots. Here are some tips: 

     Boots are essential because they automatically give your outfit a more high-fashion look, and if you buy flat boots like me, you don't have to sacrifice comfort. I got both pairs of mine at Urban Thread for a steal, but you can find them at Also, you can find adorable boots at and Ankle booties are a major trend this winter, they make your legs look long and lucious, and they look great with both dressy and casual outfits. I got these Isaac Mizrahi's on sale at Target. But this style is everywhere, I highly recommend it! My treasure of the season is my Elliott Lucca handbag. I got it during a Black Friday sale for a fraction of its original price. Check out if you're interested in buying a high-quality leather handbag but can't really afford to pay Marc Jacobs prices. I really recommend the brand, this bag is super reinforced and durable. The leather is beautiful too. I love my bag because it's huge, so I throw all of my school books in there, plus I can wear it while riding my bike because it has a long strap that goes across your chest. 
*Grey Dressage riding boot: UO, black Frye "Bonnie" tall riding boot, patent booties: Isaac Mizrahi for Target, bag: Elliott Lucca*

Fur (real or faux) is a classy accessory that just makes your outfit look expensive and makes you look fashion forward. I got my fur shawl at a thrift store in South Florida for $30 dollars(amazing!). The best part are the front pockets, super cute and very warm. Shrunken blazers are sleek and smart, wear them over dresses or tees. There are tons at Urban Thread.
*Vintage shawl, vintage pearls, shrunken blazer: Urban Outfitters, sunglasses: H&M*

High Waisted skirts are CRUCIAL to a successful winter wardrobe, and your yearly wardrobe in general. Sooo many girls say that they aren't daring enough to wear them, "they won't look good on me", blah blah blah. Attention: high waisted skirts make you look skinny, girly, and adorable! They look good on any girl, no matter your size or your height, because they hit you at yyour slimmest poin and they hide all of the scary stuff. Point being: I swear by them. They are a great element to an outfit because they can be colorful or subtle, but still be stylish. Try all kinds of fabrics, prints, and textures. 

"How do I wear them", you ask? Well, wear a tucked in blouse, tank or tee, and a fitted cardigan. Simple. 
*From top left: floral skirt: Forever21, leather skirt: Urban Renewal, pencil skirt: BB Dakota, available at Wolfgang in Gainesville, floral skirts: Forever21, vintage floral slip, floral skirt: Delia's, sheer vintage pink skirt, Delia's cardigan*

Lace Tights: Urban Outfitters

Forever21 "Spring Floral" Tights

Heart Tights: Betsey Johnson

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Tights are amazing. As you can see, they come in all patterns, colors, and textures. Wear them with anything! Skirts, dresses, under tunics, shorts, anything! They make your legs look long and toned and they just really make an outfit. No matter what your style is, there are tights out there for you! 

     I really hope that you've seen some things that you'd like to try out for winter. I tried to tag as many things as I could so that you would know where to find them. As far as what I'm on the prowl for: frilly tops, knuckle rings, and more dresses. Please let me know what you think. Also, sorry about the delay since the last post, school and finals have been super hectic but I'm finally done, so expect much more! Comment and let us know what you would like to see on our blog. Have a great holiday and happy shopping!


Must Love: Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are extremely under-valued, if you ask me. I have found so many treasures in thrift stores, so I thought I'd make it a point to show all of you how much you can add to your wardrobe just by digging around at your local Salvation Army. I know that thrift stores smell kinda funny sometimes and that digging through the piles can seem like a hassle, but it's so worth it when you find great statement pieces. The thing is that when you do find something, it's probably going to be precious. The best part is that you'll be finding cute things and will only have to spend a couple of dollars. Here are some of my best finds: 

Vintage purses, handbags, and clutches:

     These are my absolute pride and joy. I love vintage clutches,especially, because they are either beaded, or have adorable closures. I can't take credit for finding all of these because the truth is that a lot of these were a gift from my boyfriend, who is a fiend when it comes to thrifting. Some highlights: I found that legit Moschino shoulder bag at a Goodwill in South Florida. It's one of my best finds. I also really love all of the mesh-y chain bags that I have. I just think that they're really classic and rare, so it's great when you find them. I definitely recommend mixing old and new fashions. A modern shrunken blazer and plasic leggings look chic and classic when you factor in a vintage clutch or satchel. Plus, its amazing that you can get this arm candy for under $5!


Vintage Belts:
     Well, if you didn't already know, I love accessorizing with high-waisted belts. Not only are they slimming, but they just add a pop to an otherwise plain outfit. I've gotten all of these belts from thrift stores. Some are from West Palm Beach, others are from Jacksonville and Ocala. They range from real leather and python, to elastic waists. I'm almost certain that none of these cost me over $2.50. Totally worth it! These are probably what I find most frequently when I thrift. I never leave them behind either! If you're weary of trying the high waisted trend, then maybe try a more low-slung belt over a dress or tunic. Once you've faced your fears and have recieved dozens of complements, go for the high waisted, I promise you'll never go back! 

Some other great things I've found at thrift stores:
-Adorable floral bedding
-If you're not creeped out by wearing somebody's old shoes: vintage keds and flats
-Vintage jewelry like pearls, pins, and other baubles
-An amazing fur shawl, photo to be posted later
-Furniture: the furniture in these pictures was purchased from thrift stores here in Gainesville. I really love buying old wood furniture and then painting it a funky color. 

There are thrift stores all around Gainesville, just dig around and you'll start getting a sharp eye eventually. Even I'm not a pro yet. Some of my favorite hotspots here are the Salvation Army on NW 23rd Ave, and also the thrift store in the Tutoring Zone plaza, on Main St. and NW 10th Ave. Even if you don't reside in the 352, give thrifting a try. Just a sidenote, don't be fooled thinking that a "thrift" store is the same as a "vintage" store. A lot of people throw the term around, but you get tricked. Vintage stores are specialty stores where they do the hunting for you, then then charge an arm and a leg for their finds. There's a great selection, but unfortunately you'll be paying a lot more than if you put in the hard work and search around yourself. The great thing about vintage stores though, is that you find great old luxury pieces. All in all, old never gets old. Go thrifting and it'll give you a unique wardrobe that all of your friends will be jealous of, and no one else will have it!

Hope you're inspired!


Friday, December 5, 2008

I died, went to Venus, then came back when I heard....

I'm already saving my money for it! Here's the deal:
M.A.C.'s Hello Kitty collection will be available on the M.A.C. website on February 10, and will be available in stores on February 12. This is going to be particularly amazing because the Hello Kitty line will be divided into two collections: the "Hello Kitty Colour Collection", which has the most variety , and "The Hello Kitty Kouture" collection, which is more high-end. Heres an idea of what will be available to you, just to get you excited:

Hello Kitty Colour Collection:
-Six shades of lipstick at $14 each (Just a sidenote: if you haven't already tried it out, M.A.C. lipstick is fabulous! Leah and I are both obsessed. I have two shades, "Chatterbox" and "Girl About Town", and I wear them every single day.)
-Six Lipglass shades at $14 each
-Two Tinted Lip Conditioners at $14.50 each
-Two eye-shadow palettes, each containing 4 colors at $38 each
-Two shades of pigment at $19.50 each
-Two Reflects Glitter stockkeeping units in blue or pink at $17.50 each (I have no idea what these are)
-Four Glitter Eyeliners, each $16.50
-Two shades of Beauty Powder, $22
-Three shades of NAIL POLISH!!! $11 each
-Black Mascara, $12
-False Lashes, $12
-A Petit Makeup Bag, $22, and a Medium Makeup Bag, $35.

Hello Kitty Kouture:
-Two shades of Dazzleglass, $28 each. Apparently these feature silver chains that have black Hello Kitty pendants that are adorned with white Swarovski crystals and a pink crystal BOW! Umm, I'll be owning this.
-Sheer Mystery Powder, $90. This will be available in three shades, packaged in a silver Hello Kitty compact again encrusted with pink, black and white crystals and a bow.

-A Hello Kitty plush doll, $42
-A purse mirror, $22
-A three-brush collection, $49.50
-Mirrored key clip, $16
-Beaded Bracelet, $34
-Tote bag, $45
-Soft Vanity Kit, $55

Sorry that was so lengthy, but I couldn't help but include every detail that I could find. Apparently, the collection is only going to be available for eight weeks so don't let it slip your mind. This is a perfect valentine's (or anti-valentine's) gift for a bestie. Leah's already expecting some Lipglass shades and nail polish from me! I hope some of you are excited to hear about this, I expect it to be a big hit!

Hello Kitty for life!