Thursday, September 25, 2008


So this is probably the most captivating Web site that I've come across in a long time.... without any help from my internet-savvy companions! Hooray for computer literacy! have to check out Lookbook and let me know what you think. But beware, these cuties really understand the art of outfitting and it's hard to look away. I've barely blinked since my discovery a few days ago.
Here's the premise: you can make a profile and add pictures of yourself wearing your most charming fits, and then you can "hype" other member's lovely looks at your will. The catch is that you must apply or be invited to join. I'm not sure about the selection process, but I don't think it's too rigorous.
Basically, it's an awesome place to get style ideas and to see what people are wearing across the map. It's been quite inspiring for me so far. If you want to see a local on Lookbook, check out my friend Brandon's profile. Enjoy!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Treasures at Store101

Well, I'm on the job at Store101 and I couldn't resist writing a post about the adorable new "Bloom" hair clips that are in right now. These little treasures are brand new and I can't wait to get my hands on a few of my own. The barrettes are hand made by Wendy, Kyle Cross' stylin' wifey. Each clip is adorned with gems or ribbon and to top it off, it comes on a seductive pin-up girl card. Ornate barrettes are one of my new obsessions. A flower in your hair instantly takes your look to a new level of classy chic. The best thing is that the price is right, at just $7.99 for a small clip and $10.99 for a large one, you'll look like a 50's glamour girl. Come in and check them out!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

God, I love Urban Thread

Leave it to Urban Thread to sell the expensive pieces you've been drooling over at half what they cost in the store. I purchased this Sabina bag there today, and it's exactly what I've been wanting. This picture was taken with my shitty iPhone camera, so it doesn't do the bag's cuteness any justice. It's a rich camel color, but it comes in black, 2 different greens and purple. The duel straps are it's best feature. I love to have a long strap to sling over my back while I ride my bike. I've been wanting this bag ever since I saw it on Urban Outfitter's web site and Urban Thread has been getting them in a lot lately. Apparently, they sell out fast so if you spot one of these, snag it while you can. The best part is that they're only $88 at UT instead of $245 at UO. Check out the site for a better look. 


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flavia's Fashion Week Favorites

Hey Cuties!!
This is my inaugural post and I'm so excited to give you a peek at my Spring '09 favorites. Some odd spell has come over me...I'm in LOVE with the nudes and understated pastels of spring. Fluttery, ruffle-y, and pocket-y, please. I'm typically attracted to the most obnoxious of neons and and the most high-waisted of shorts, but for spring I think draped sheer fabrics and delicate florals in non-traditional cuts are the way to go. Of course Betsey Johnson is on my top picks, i adore her, but my newest obsessions are Jill Stuart and Rebecca Taylor. I hope you enjoy!


Fashion Week favorites

This is my absolute favorite collection so far. It's worth looking at the rest.

Peter Jensen

I have an afinity for neutrals and pops of color here and there. 

Let me know what you think and tell me what your favorite Spring/Summer lines are! 


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Push/Pull fashion and art show

Hi cuties!

So, we know the Push/Pull fashion/art show at Sharab was two weeks ago and this post is long overdue, but you must understand how utterly internet illiterate we are. Thanks to our oh-so-technical friend, Brandon, we have been briefed on how to post pictures... finally! There's more from the show here! We hope you click that because it took forever to figure it out and we did it for you =)

As a whole, the event was like nothing we've experienced in Gainesville. It was Wolfgang's one-year anniversary party and Sharab's grand opening party. Hooray for not going out of business! Hah...just kidding, Matt. The store featured new and sexy (AND affordable) fall apparel that made our hearts flutter, even though we were behind-the-scene and saw nothing! It was a treat to style the fits for the lovely models (thanks again to all of you!) to stomp the runway in, and then to rip their clothes off and re-dress for the second walk.

Store 101's art show made us wish we weren't meagerly paid college students and could actually afford to buy luxuries like art. Erik Jones ( and locals Evan Poirier ( and Hector Galvez painted live pieces, which were raffled off (we're super envious of the winners).

Check out an article about Push/Pull and our blog in the Alligator!

Thanks to Ashley for giving us our first press clip and to Tiffany for sharing her photos with us!

We'll post more pictures from the show as they are provided.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

what does "tonnish" mean?

Hello, whoever:

I'm making this first post to relate the purpose of this blog to our potential readers! I hope eventually there will be a few, even if it's just my best friends. I'm Leah and I started this blog with my best friend Flavia. I'm a junior in public relations and she's a sophomore in marketing at UF. I work at Wolfgang and intern at Store 101 and Flavia works at Store 101 and interns at Wolfgang. That sounds really silly, but we love that we get to work together. We're bummed that we go to a school that offers no fashion major or classes, so we feel have to create our own discussion about the subject. Just to clarify: we don't consider ourselves to be style experts by any means and will never pretend to be. We just love clothes, accessories and shoes... in a bad way.

Contrary to popular thought, a fashion culture does exist in Gainesville. Some people actually wear apparel not purchased from a bookstore. Thus, we want to praise the small retailers and individuals who struggle to bring style to a town full of Crocs and Gator t-shirts. Although we have our own particular styles as well, we appreciate a broad spectrum and want to highlight all types. We plan to do Sartorialist-type of posts of the cuties we see when we're out (check out if you don't know what I mean), and since we shop more than most, we want to show other style-enthusiasts what's on the racks in town. Obviously, you can expect to see a lot of Wolfgang and Store 101 stuff, but other stores too.

So... the title. If you look up "tonnish" on, it will tell you that it means "high fashion or stylishness." As this is a fashion blog, I thought it was appropriate, and I like that it's different than all the blogs with "fashion" in the title.

Our first official post will be about the Wolfgang fashion show/Store 101 art show at Sharab Lounge last night. We took tons of pictures and we're excited to show everyone so check back soon!

P.S. We swear to never, never, never use the word "fashionista." ever.