Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Push/Pull fashion and art show

Hi cuties!

So, we know the Push/Pull fashion/art show at Sharab was two weeks ago and this post is long overdue, but you must understand how utterly internet illiterate we are. Thanks to our oh-so-technical friend, Brandon, we have been briefed on how to post pictures... finally! There's more from the show here! We hope you click that because it took forever to figure it out and we did it for you =)

As a whole, the event was like nothing we've experienced in Gainesville. It was Wolfgang's one-year anniversary party and Sharab's grand opening party. Hooray for not going out of business! Hah...just kidding, Matt. The store featured new and sexy (AND affordable) fall apparel that made our hearts flutter, even though we were behind-the-scene and saw nothing! It was a treat to style the fits for the lovely models (thanks again to all of you!) to stomp the runway in, and then to rip their clothes off and re-dress for the second walk.

Store 101's art show made us wish we weren't meagerly paid college students and could actually afford to buy luxuries like art. Erik Jones (irison.blogspot.com) and locals Evan Poirier (evangoodgrief.blogspot.com) and Hector Galvez painted live pieces, which were raffled off (we're super envious of the winners).

Check out an article about Push/Pull and our blog in the Alligator!


Thanks to Ashley for giving us our first press clip and to Tiffany for sharing her photos with us!

We'll post more pictures from the show as they are provided.

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Flavia and Leah you are absolutely gorgeous cuties!