Friday, December 5, 2008

I died, went to Venus, then came back when I heard....

I'm already saving my money for it! Here's the deal:
M.A.C.'s Hello Kitty collection will be available on the M.A.C. website on February 10, and will be available in stores on February 12. This is going to be particularly amazing because the Hello Kitty line will be divided into two collections: the "Hello Kitty Colour Collection", which has the most variety , and "The Hello Kitty Kouture" collection, which is more high-end. Heres an idea of what will be available to you, just to get you excited:

Hello Kitty Colour Collection:
-Six shades of lipstick at $14 each (Just a sidenote: if you haven't already tried it out, M.A.C. lipstick is fabulous! Leah and I are both obsessed. I have two shades, "Chatterbox" and "Girl About Town", and I wear them every single day.)
-Six Lipglass shades at $14 each
-Two Tinted Lip Conditioners at $14.50 each
-Two eye-shadow palettes, each containing 4 colors at $38 each
-Two shades of pigment at $19.50 each
-Two Reflects Glitter stockkeeping units in blue or pink at $17.50 each (I have no idea what these are)
-Four Glitter Eyeliners, each $16.50
-Two shades of Beauty Powder, $22
-Three shades of NAIL POLISH!!! $11 each
-Black Mascara, $12
-False Lashes, $12
-A Petit Makeup Bag, $22, and a Medium Makeup Bag, $35.

Hello Kitty Kouture:
-Two shades of Dazzleglass, $28 each. Apparently these feature silver chains that have black Hello Kitty pendants that are adorned with white Swarovski crystals and a pink crystal BOW! Umm, I'll be owning this.
-Sheer Mystery Powder, $90. This will be available in three shades, packaged in a silver Hello Kitty compact again encrusted with pink, black and white crystals and a bow.

-A Hello Kitty plush doll, $42
-A purse mirror, $22
-A three-brush collection, $49.50
-Mirrored key clip, $16
-Beaded Bracelet, $34
-Tote bag, $45
-Soft Vanity Kit, $55

Sorry that was so lengthy, but I couldn't help but include every detail that I could find. Apparently, the collection is only going to be available for eight weeks so don't let it slip your mind. This is a perfect valentine's (or anti-valentine's) gift for a bestie. Leah's already expecting some Lipglass shades and nail polish from me! I hope some of you are excited to hear about this, I expect it to be a big hit!

Hello Kitty for life!



natasha said...

THIS IS THE GREATEST THING I'VE HEARD ALL WEEK oh my goodness, how adorable. i wonder what the sheer mystery powder is? i should think it must be awesome for $90. all i really want is the hello kitty jeweled compacts/containers.

Leah and Flavia said...

Totally amazing!!! I was wondering what the mystery powder is too...?? I just cant wait to see all of the packaging and stuff in person. The lipsticks and nail polish should look cute too. But I'm gonna have to snag one of those crystallized pendants!
Thanks for reading!!

Evan said...

Still no sneakers.

Anonymous said...

this has been done.

Leah and Flavia said...

cool. we knew that already.

Serum said...

Too bad you guys have a cooler blog.