Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Friday Afternoon

Flavs and I both had the day off from work today, which NEVER happens, so we actually got to brainstorm together for once. While at my home eating the 2.5 lbs of jelly bellies I purchased today, we came up with this idea to wear our scarves in a new way. Instead of wearing them loosely tied in a triangle around our necks like usual, we rolled them up and knotted them to make them look like necklaces. This is how they turned out: 

What do you guys think? 

In other news: Flavia called me when I was almost home about a shoe crisis, so of course, I did a quick three-point turn and crunched it to Urban Thread (our favorite store). I walked in to this: a Jeffrey Campbell lover's wet dream.

That's a tough decision right? We've both been drooling over these beauties on Urban Outfitters' Web site for months and they finally made it to Urban Thread! We mulled over the gold or black issue for about 30 minutes I'd say because Flavia takes forever to make a decision. I, on the other hand, walked in and decided to buy the black ones before I had even put them on my feet. After weighing her options, she finally decided on the gold ones... a good choice I think. 

Thanks for reading and expect more posts soon! 

-Leah and Flavia 


schneakersh said...

cute shoes. I need to stop by there soon. I'm waiting for some stuff to pop up.

schneakersh said...

Oh, and Hermes has a whole booklet on tying scarves, you should check it out.

Leah and Flavia said...

thanks for the tip!

Lindsay said...

um do they have those gold shoes in size 10 please? i wish we had an urban thread here!!!

Kim said...

Oooh, I am sooo stopping at Urban Thread on my way home from work tonight.

And as for the scarves, they look great. The 80's are definitely back!

For more on scarf tying, check out the video on the fashion blog Who What Wear:

(You two need your own fashion TV show!)