Monday, October 6, 2008

Viktor & Rolf

So I can't stop watching "Shalom", Victor & Rolf's Spring/Summer 2009 fashion show which is actually a short film that the duo put together. This is really interesting because the designers used this as an alternative to a fashion week show. The fashion show/film stars Shalom Harlow, who has the walk of my dreams. Apparently, she had to model each of the looks 5 times in order to get all of the neccessary shots! I don't know how she managed that in those heels...
Some highlights:
-the geometric print black and white platforms
-huge gemstone earrings
-printed tights
-the GORGEOUS gemstone dresses! Just a tidbit- Victor & Rolf partnered with Swarovski in order to make these gemstone dresses that are completely covered in sparkle.
To all of the Audrey Hepburn fans out there, you'll love the intro to the show. 

To check it out, click here , and prepare to be amazed.


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maebe said...

you two should also watch the marc jacobs/louis vuitton documentary. its SO good.