Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tutu Cute:

Sorry about the slight lack of posts lately! Last week was absolutely hectic for me, three midterms in one week! As of now things have cooled down until finals (at least I think), so expect lots of great updates from The Tonnish Touch.

Today's post is a look at some of the wonderful tutus that were inspired by my Tutu-torial. First of all, I got so much great feedback about this post, thank you to everyone who enjoyed the tutorial and especially to those who tried it out!!

I wore my tutu to an on-campus event hosted by Reitz Union Board: Entertainment (which I happen to be a proud member of). I dressed up as a fluffy cloud. I made my head-piece and tutu from recycled tulle. All of the other elements of my costume were straight from my closet: AA tank, Target tights, Steve Madden flats, Vintage silver leotard, Granny's pearls.

This is my friend, Amanda. She dressed up as a stunning ballerina for Halloween. I love how voluminous her tutu is! This girl is tutu-cute!

Here is my gorgeous friend, Gretchen. Her mini-tutu is absolutely adorable! The cropped length makes the shape irresistible. Is it so wrong to want to wear this every day?

Thanks again to my lovely friends for letting me post their fabulous tutus. You guys were so creative and looked amazing! Did anyone else try out the tutorial? Let me know! I'm hoping to attach a slip to mine so that I can defend it as "wearable" in everyday life. Hah, we'll see how it goes. Are there any new requests for things you'd like to see on our blog? We're always looking to post newer, fresher material. Hope to hear from you, cuties!

P.S.- go see Coco Avant Chanel, it was a beautiful film.


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Gretchen said...

Girl you pull off a tutu everyday of the week! I'm definitely making a longer one for more practical purposes ( in every color!) thanks for the shoutout- how about alex's Chaplin brows?! Talk soon