Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When all else fails, dress like a butterfly...

Today was the first day of my internship, and from the bottom of my heart I feel so happy and excited for what is to come. Meeting the other interns, staff, and my fabulous marketing team just has my heart fluttering. I've already learned so much and have met so many wonderful, brilliant minds.

With the help of a few of my besties, I chose this butterfly (or flutterby) inspired outfit for my first day. I was so tired after a long day's work that I couldn't help but do silly poses. I love that when you lift your arms in this adorable Urban Outfitter's MINKPINK dress, you look like you're in flight. I think that this summer will be my metamorphosis...

Worn with my new favorite Betsey Johnson earrings, Italian bangles, and shiny new Steve Madden flats.

Good night, flutterbies!



LOVE, AJ said...

So the possibility of you, mon beloved amie, flying away to far and ,lets face it, chic place because you're presence if highly required at a Chloe and De la Renta tea party adorned with pieces made by French artists from the renaissance seems VERY likely to happen after you open your arms and fly with your papillon noir wings

Love, AJ

Anonymous said...

great blog you've got here, love it!
keep up the good work! XXX

Drew said...

Flav! Love you!
I hope everything is going well up there, i def miss you =]
I'm planning my NYC trip for jun 18-28 so come to the city so we can catch up

Lindsay said...

Flavia!!! It's Lin! OMG I am soooo obsessed with your apartment, your fantasy closet and your amazing new life in Philly!!! I've been meaning to email you, but it's been so hectic since I got here! My dad just went back yesterday so now I'm here and finally having the chance to wander around! I miss you sooo sooo much! I love you girl! Follow my blog please!!! Have a great day and enjoy your internship I know you will. You are so amazing, Flavs!
xx Lin