Monday, January 11, 2010

Fare Una Bella Figura:

As some of you may know, I studied in Italy last summer. I took away so much from that experience and it really influenced my love for fashion. Italians have a beautiful sense of confidence with the way they wear clothes, and perhaps the most significant thing I learned from Italian style is "fare una bella figura". The people around me lived by this romantic theory of sorts. The "bella figura" is the impression you give off with your personal style. You want to look naturally beautiful and confident, but with ease. I remember just falling for men and women I saw on the streets checking their watches or putting on their sunglasses, every move they made seemed so graceful. Every "Ciao" melted my heart. The bella figura doesn't really have an exact definition, but more of an emotion associated with it, and it has everything to do with fashion and a sense of self.

I had to put my study of the "bella figura" to work on the day of my Urban Outfitters interview! I put together an outfit that I felt represented my style: a love of new and old, gentle femininity, and gioielli (jewels). Here are a few fuzzy pictures of what I wore to my UO interview:

What I'm Wearing: Urban Outfitters lace dress and doll shoes, American Apparel blush backseam tights, Forever21 bow headband, Betsey Johnson bow watch and love ring, bangles from Italy, pink pearl bracelet, "Flavia" name necklace.

I had an amazing experience in Philadelphia and at the URBN complex. Let's hope that they loved me! Now it's back to school, so much to do already! Look forward to more outfit posts, street style, and vintage finds!

Bacci (kisses),



Lhy N. Sierra said...

love the outfit! specially the shoes!


Elizabeth said...

This post is so cute. I hope that I will be able to go to Italy like you one day! :)

Anonymous said...

Please vote the unbelievle dj ever ! Vote at "Cea mai tare ascensiune din Romania in 2010" - MOONSOUND!!

Anonymous said...

I second that. Italians live by theme of "fare una bella figuara". I experienced that last year, when I went to study in Italy.


Anonymous said...

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