Friday, January 15, 2010

rouge à lèvres

I was feeling very festive the other day because I just got accepted to do a Spring Break study-abroad program in Paris!! I can't wait to spend the week exploring museums, twirling through gardens, and eating adorable macaroons. While I was studying in Italy, I took a long weekend to explore Paris with my friend Rob and we had an amazing time. We managed to cover a lot of ground, but I knew all along that I'd have to go back.

I decided to celebrate by wearing bright red lipstick and a striped skirt that I thrifted in Paris over summer. J'adore themed outfits! Here is my Parisian-inspired look:

My Adrienne Landau fur neck-warmer is one my few "fancy" treasures. I splurged on it over winter break with the fantasy of one day passing it along to my stylish, vintage-obsessed adopted daughter. It is absolutely precious and keeps me so warm during these chilly winter days.

What I'm Wearing: Adrienne Landau fur neck-warmer, Delias coat, Vintage skirt , clutch, and reptile belt, Juicy Couture maillot worn as a top, Target cardigan, Frye riding boots, Forever21 headband, Urban Outfitters butterfly ring, bangles from Italy, bow necklace.

Au revior, lovelies!



Ashley said...

I'm obsessed with this outfit!! The skirt is heaven! I hope to run into you on campus sometime and take a photo of you for my blog :)

Alyssa said...

Such a cute outfit! I do love anything french. I think I'm going to be in Paris for SB too! Maybe ill see you around the shops!

Flavia said...

Thank you guys so much!! You're both so sweet. Guess what, I just thrifted a few more great Parisian style skirts that I'm sure will make it on the blog soon.

Ashley: We should definitely hang out sometime, I've always wanted to do a blogger meet-up session! I'm surprisingly shy about pictures but I'd love to!

Alyssa: If you think you'll be in Paris, we should definitely shop together! The boutiques there are amazing and the thrift stores are packed with treasures. Let me know when you find out more about your trip!