Monday, March 29, 2010

Finger Waves:

I've been meaning to get more experimental with my hair now that it's a tiny bit longer. This morning I had some fun with bobby pins and pulled my hair into a messy faux-updo and topped it off with a wreath headband. I've spent this evening watching video tutorials on how to make 1920s finger waves. I've always loved the style and I think that it would flatter my little mini-bob. I cant wait to look like these beauties...

Expect a beauty post soon!!




Tian said...

okay I just want to say i love your hair. it was a little intimidating the first time we met lol

Ching-Ya said...

please teach me once you've mastered it.
I've always been in love and entranced as to how they achieve such immaculate waves.

And for the record, I love your hair too; and Tian's just a little pussy.
(HAHA, jkjk.)

Pia said...

love this look!!

Jenn said...

Let me know when you learn how! I've never been able to do it!