Monday, February 2, 2009

The Boy

First of all, who else is being crushed under the weight of textbooks?! ughhh ineedmorefreetime! 
Yeah so this is my boyfriend, Dallas. It only makes sense for me to date a boy who dresses cute, and he does it well without my help. Pretty much a perfect representation of my ideal casual outfit for a boy. He mixes red and blue quite often, a beautiful combination with blue eyes I think. Maybe I'm just biased =)
What he's wearing: BDG red hoodie from UO, Vans Authentics in blue, hand-printed Tuscan Raider Star Wars t-shirt from Store 101 (R.I.P.) and Levi's 511 skinny jeans.
Things that boys wear that make me swoon:
  • Vans 
  • snug jeans or if you're Flavia, jeans that could double as a wet suit
  • Nike Dunks
  • bikes as accessories
  • colorful shades or big glasses
  • boxer briefs (yeah, that's right)
  • huge wrist watches or leather wristwear
  • v-necks or plain white tees
  • peacoats
  • scrufffff (you know, that 3-day chin hair)
Here's your chance to shape up boys... just in time for Valentine's Day.

P.S. Apparently NY Fashion Week is being moved from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center in 2010. Read about it on the NY Times if you're intrigued!
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look out for TonnishTouch fliers on campus soon... 
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natasha said...

did you ever see the GAP sweater dallas got that i also got for griff? ugh yes, i also love cardigans on boys. i wish more of them would abide by these tips...