Monday, February 9, 2009

Insider Info:

     I had to make a quick trip to the mall today. While in the process of purchasing a new eyeliner brush at M.A.C., I slyly asked one of the makeup artists if they've recieved the M.A.C. Hello Kitty Collection yet. It is set to be available online tomorrow, and in stores this Thursday, February 12th. Well, it was my lucky day because not only did she say that YES, it's already in, buuut....
she let me take a sneak a peek at the display and the entire collection! I'll tell you right now, everything is adorable. I didn't want to overstay my top-secret welcome, but I looked at all of the colors and packaging and all in all, the collection is very well done. What really appealed to me is that there are very bright and girly pink and purple hues, but there are also suble flirty shades. That way, any girl can get her Hello Kitty fix. 

Some Highlights:
-The lipstick shades were pretty neat, there was a briiiight pink, and there was also a sheer pink/nude shade that I think I want to try out. If I remember correctly, the color was called "Lustre". 
-There was a really cool white, shimmery nail laquer shade. 
-Lots of variety! There was some great loose powder, as well as nail laquer, eye shadow, M.A.C. lipglass, lip balm, bronzer and blush. 
-The color scheme for the packaging and display is a really dark, shiny black that is embellished with white, pink and silver. Of course, the classic Hello Kitty head logo is stamped on everything. 

Sorry this entry is so scattered, I am trying to give you all of the info that I remember. I really think all of you will find something in the collection that you will like. M.A.C. has really great products. I know I'm looking forward to this Thursday. Hopefully I'll bump into some of you at the M.A.C. counter!


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