Sunday, February 22, 2009

Recession-proof your wardrobe:

     Well, now that fashion week has passed I have been non-stop reflecting on my wardrobe. The economic climate has had an effect the fashion world in a big way. Many designers, including our fav. Betsey Johnson, had showroom presentations of their lines as opposed to full-blown fashion shows at the tents this year. It seems like designers have also tweaked their style in order to make their garments more practical and long-lasting than they usually would. Tailored garments such as high-waisted trousers, skirts, and blazers were a trend among the big shows.This makes a lot of sense. I have been buying pieces that are more functional than experimental and it has really been working for both me and my wallet. My goal is to create a recession-proof wardrobe that will last me through the upcoming seasons and fads, all while still looking fresh and up-to-date. Here are my tips/ideas on how to achieve this:
  • Take a look at your closet...which pieces do you really love and wear all the time? Asses your true personal style. Also, think of what changes you should make in order to improve the longevity of your wardrobe. I am looking to lines like Abaete and Tracy Reece for this type of inspiration. These are clothes that real young women can wear now and for seasons to come and still look chic. I dont know about you but I certainly dont look like I'm straight off the Marc Jacobs runway every day for school...
Tracy Reese
  • First and foremost, definitely definitely definitely purchase a blazer. Blazers dress up ANY outfit, from cotton tanks and leggings to dresses and skirts. There are really cute affordable ones at Urban Thread, as well as Forever21 and Wolfgang. 
Tracy Reese
  • Buy flattering, bold dresses that work for both warm and cold climates. 
  • If you love your blazer, buy other tailored pieces such as high-waisted trousers and skirts. These are great because they look great with your favorite basics. 
Erin Fetherston
Marc Jacobs
Erin Fetherston
  • Buy cute tops in higher quality fabrics (like lace or satin) or in interesting cuts to wear with your denim. 
  • Shoes: Buy shoes that you love and that you have no doubts about. Urban Thread and Ebay have great deals on brands like Sam Edelman and Jeffrey Campbell. Also, check discount stores like TJMaxx and Ross! I've really been into the bold-shoe trend, but I didn't want the fad to pass and my shoes to go to waste. So to play it safe I bought these black beauties that make a statement, but don't look like weapons of mass distruction.
Jeffrey Campbell Platforms
Seychelles Scalloped Pump
My favorite quote from fashion week was one by Diane Von Furstenburg. She says that when you look in your closet, you should see every piece as a friend and love all of your clothes. This made me want to be careful about what I buy and buy only pieces that I love. I hope these tips are useful to you. I know that I am going to turn over a new leaf after this fashion week. Oh, and Leah's golden rule that has taken over my life: wear lots and lots of black. 


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K Goldblum said...

these dresses are adorable!! I don´t know if they have stores in LA but I´m soooo checking them out if they do. thanks for the great advice :)