Saturday, July 4, 2009

Roman Holiday

I watched Roman Holiday just a few days before coming to Rome, and the movie is absolutely wonderful. I've been trying to channel Audrey Hepburn's style during my stay in Rome, wearing floral skirts, ruffled dresses, and bib tops everywhere that I go. I was so excited to go to the Bocca Della Verita here in Rome, because that is where one of my favorite scenes from the movie took place! Legend has it that this statue can decipher a liar from an honest person when you put your hand in its mouth. In other words, you will get your hand chopped off if you are dishonest. Needless to say, I made it out with all of my limbs intact.

Wearing: H&M bib dress, UO skinny belt and leggings, Betsey Johnson satchel and Bow watch.

With Love,

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