Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello Kitty Heaven:

I'm back!!
My trip in Rome was absolutely amazing. I think it really changed me and it was so exciting to be able to explore such a beautiful country over 6 weeks. Oh, and I also got to make a weekend trip to Paris! I have lots of photos of my adventures to come. You wouldn't believe how beautiful everything is in Rome and Paris. The fashion is absolutely amazing! One thing I really enjoyed doing was visiting stores and admiring the merchandising. Stores in Rome were so beautiful, equipped with chandeliers and giant paintings and couches and columns, everything was breathtaking. One of the most beautiful stores that I visited was a boutique on Via Del Corso, called Camomilla. I stopped by on the opening day and couldn't believe my eyes. This store was Hello Kitty themed, so obvi I died the instant that I walked in. Hopefully my pictures do it some justice, I hope you all are as enamored with this little slice of heaven as I am.

Hello Kitty scooter helmets, salt and pepper shakers, champagne, and purses?! Camomilla really stole a little piece of my heart. Let me know what you guys think! I really wish our stores paid as much attention to detail in terms of beautiful merchandising as some of the boutiques in Italy did. It really adds such a wonderful sense of whimsy and fantasy to the shopping experience.



W Dvienne said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your post when I was searching for Camomilla Kitty & I love your pics! It is so great that you managed to visit heaven - it looks perfectly, wonderfully gorgeous!! I must go someday too :)

Anonymous said...

I went to Italy over spring break and came across this store as well. I fell in love! It was literally a girls heaven. My friends and I, all around age 17, just felt like little kids exploring a girly wonderland filled with all our favorite things. Seeing your pictures is such a great flashback!