Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Favorite Italian Accessory:

One of the beautiful places that I visited during my trip was the island of Ischia. This little paradise is a volcanic island, and the water here is very cherished for its healing and beautifying properties. This is why it is a law here that everyone taking a dip in these precious waters MUST wear a swim cap. I was elated when I heard this, and took it as an opportunity to buy my dream swim cap:

Honestly, who doesn't secretly love 3-d floral swim caps?! This was one of the fashion highlights of my trip, hehee. Wearing: Silicone floral swim cap, UO vintage inspired one-piece, and Diesel sunnies.

Here are some other snapshots of this lovely island:

Don't be surprised if you see a silly girl wearing a swim cap at your local gainesville pool.

With Love,


Alexandra said...


especially with short hair... this whole pool/wet hair thing doesn't exactly end up working out.

JUAN said...

Muy guapa con el swimcap

Pearl said...

I was googling swim caps gainesville for part of my halloween costume and your blog was the first thing that came up!
beautiful pictures and awesome cappie!