Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Loves:

It goes without saying that I've been really inspired by my adventures in Italy. Living out of my suitcase full of high-waisted skirts, leotards, ruffled tops, and dresses was so much easier than I ever thought it would be. Italian girls had really flirty style, but the main thing that I was lusting over while I was there was the way that they accessorize! All I do now is pile on the jewels, and I am on the hunt for the craziest gladiators under the sun. I found a lot of great treasures while in Europe, and continued my search as soon as I hit the motherland. Here are some of my latest obsessions:

I bought these black gladiators upon my return because I wore my favorite pair of black Sam Edelmans throughout my trip. Needless to say, they had a rough trip. I figured these beauties from Aldo were fit to replace them.

These are my new heart and soul. I have been lusting over these long before I went on my trip, and after I got back I just knew that I couldn't go on without them! Leah says that these were basically made for me, and I think she's right. Every strap is a different color and texture. Be still, my heart!

I love my new fingershield. It makes me feel like part robot, part medieval princess. I bought it at a random street market in Rome. I'm wearing it here with my Forever21 bib necklace.

My new Swatch watch is my favorite piece of new arm-candy. It's huge but still really girly with rhinestone insets and a clear face frame. The best part is that I bought it in Paris, how exciting! I love piling bangles onto my arm with this piece. I can't live without these leather Florentine bangles.

There are still plenty of Italian-inspired posts to come, such as these dresses I snagged on my last day in the Eternal City. (Hint: one of them is a maxi-dress)

Of course, since I'm back in Gainesville I will be out and about on the lookout for more fashion inspiration, so be prepared. Leah and I have some big projects in mind! I hope that you've enjoyed the latest posts!


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