Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little Beauties:

School has started back up and my obnoxiously hectic lifestyle is back in action. However, I've been re-inspired by the "back to school" attitude and have tried to show that in my outfits. I've been sporting my vintage leather backpack, jumpers, and mini-dresses for the past few days now and it makes my school days slightly more serene. If you see the crazy girl on a hot pink and purple bike, thats me.
So, the latest adorable accessory that has just been stealing my heart is these teeny little clutch/wallets that I have been accumulating this summer. My regular sized wallets usually die on me and it's a real hassle when I am trying to squeeze my lipstick, iPhone, digital camera, keys and wallet all into a vintage clutch. So these palm sized change purses are my new obsession.

Here's my current collection:

Ive managed to steal both of the brown leather ones from my mom's collection, they are from her college days! The white one is Dooney & Bourke. The gold leather one is vintage and it travelled all over Italy with me. It fold out into an actual wallet.

Here's a close-up of my personal fav. One of my besties, Zaira, bought this for my while exploring thrift stores in Amsterdam. Check out that diamond encrusted bow cute!

Despite my dwindling bank account balance, I have been managing to acquire quite a few beautiful new treasures. Thus, I'll have plenty to blog about in the upcoming days. Look forward to seeing precious vintage treasures that I found on a recent romantic thrifting expedition, as well as some incredible Urban Thread finds!

Un Bacio (a kiss),

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