Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alexander McQueen for Target

I just found out that Alexander McQueen will be collaborating with Target in March 2009. The collection, call McQ Alexander McQueen for Target, will be separate from the Go International line. Pictures have not yet been released but I'm super excited to see what McQueen's ideas are for Target. Alas, I can finally own something designed by one of my favorite designers... or at least his creative team. 
Edit: McQ Alexander McQueen for Target will feature lightweight sweaters, slim and cuffed shorts, skinny jeans and bubble dresses. Specific pieces include a black trench, gray denim studded cropped jacket, a tuxedo blazer, swimwear and cotton print scarves. exciting! 

McQueen's muse for the collection is lead singer of the band The Duke Spirit, Leila Moss.

P.S. I will post pictures of the Bobby K fashion show soon... been trying to get an interview with him but I guess its not going to happen. Also, mine and Flavia's shredded t-shirt adventure.


breezy said...

i'm interested in how this line will develop, too. if you check out the press about it, it's inspired by the band the duke spirit, so if it's anything like this, maybe i can get some cheap, but well fitting, dress shirts and similar things.

Leah and Flavia said...

oh so there's going to be men's apparel as well? i didn't know that. thanks for reading breezy <3

breezy said...

i just read that his muse is just the lead singer of the band, so my hopes have been dashed. some stuff sounds gaudy.