Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some proposed changes...

So, I know that posts have been few and far between this past week or so... but it has been hell week for the two of us at school... not to mention we both have two jobs. Regardless, we apologize for the lack of posting and we promise to start back up soon. Flavia and I have decided to make our blog a bit more personal. We plan to take pictures of one another's outfits for the blog. Let me be honest here, Flavia is my best friend and best style inspiration and she always has me on my toes and planning what to wear next. Thus, look forward to some pics of us and ours clothes and recent purchases. We both shop quite a lot so we shouldn't have a lack of posting material. So please continue reading and we promise to come through with some interesting things. 

One quick tip before I go: 

This jacket is amazing and we had it at Wolfgang and I'm seriously kicking myself in the ass for not getting it when it was $75. You could get this jacket at for $98, BUT has it for only $80! and FredFlare has a bunch of cute accessories and trinkets for your home. I've purchased a ton of stuff from there and they always have discounts. If you type "mountain" into the promo code box at checkout you get 25% off until 11.17. 

p.s. if you have a twitter account, we should follow each others' tweets. my twitter name is lsouth.


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