Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gray Nail Polish

After finding out that both Flavia and I coincidentally have gray nail polish on our fingernails, I decided to make a post about it! It's my new favorite.

I've heard Rescue Beauty Lounge is awesome nail polish but I've never actually used it. Has anyone else? I always just buy OPI or Flare nail polish from Urban Outfitters because its cheap and they come in weird colors that no one else has. My gray is actually from Urban and it's like a dark gunmetal gray. I think gray is a pretty, toned-down alternative to the black nails that were popular last fall. What do you guys think?


natasha said...

buy L.A. Flare nail polish at Forever 21!! i bought it from Urban for $5, then saw it there for $2.50. ps (in regards to previous post) i only just recently discovered how incredible the prime outlets are, screw millenia mall.

Leah and Flavia said...

I know forever 21 has it now but they don't have all the colors!

Evan said...

So are you guys ever gonna do a post about sneakers? Because THAT would be nice. I can't really get excited about gray nail polish. I like it though. If I was a girl I would paint my nails gray too. Can't blame you really.

Leah and Flavia said...

look evan, we're always open to suggestions so i'll look into sneaks. i do like them.

Lauren said...

I bought this gunmetal gray color about a month ago. I normally paint my nails red, but have been layering it with the gray just on the tips. It's fun little detail for the holiday season.

I definitely agree with you on the outlets in Orlando. I'm from the central FL area, and I plan a shopping trip every season with my mom to see what prime outlets has to offer. It's always a fun stop after visiting ICE at Gaylord Palms during Christmas.

ashnelson7 said...

leahhhh you KNOW how obsessed i am with nailpolish. it thrills me to share some knowledge. here are some recent purchases, all opi:

"sheer" your toys
moon over mumbai-- huge favorite
you don't know jacques-- other big favorite!
parlez- vouz opi?
tickle my france-y

if y'all haven't been, try the armani exchange at orlando's premium outlets, also! i love armani exchange's details in their clothes, and they fit like a dream! premium also has a recently opened j. crew, banana republic, miss sixty and diesel (apparel AND shoes) yay!

Leah and Flavia said...

listen ashlee, i dont know who you think you are trying to make me jealous of all your beautiful nail polishes... as usual. you got so many pretty colors from the france collection! just come over and let's have a nail polish party already.