Sunday, February 28, 2010


Good evening!

I've spent my weekend in the books studying for an exam I have tomorrow night, but I wanted to do a quick post about the latest addition to my shoe collection. I bought these Dolce Vita platforms the other day at Urban Thread, and I'm absolutely smitten with them. I've been dying for a new pair of go-to heels. I love exaggerated wedges, but can never find anything that's not too harsh looking or that isn't covered in studs . When I saw these beauties in my size, I pounced on them. They have the look of a classic pump, but their extended platform gives them a very surreal quality.

Don't they look exactly like the Yves Saint Laurent Imperiale pumps from the Fall 2009 collection?!

I've been wearing them around my apartment all weekend, as the only places I've been going this weekend have been cafes, libraries, roller derbies and funny dance nights. Surprisingly enough, I think they may be my most comfortable heels. Not bad for 6-inchers...

On another note, I can't believe I'll be in Paris in exactly one week!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Expect lots more after my exam tomorrow night...



Alexandra said...

I just died a little inside. They're beautiful. PS what jeans are you wearing? I need new, dark, and very tailored skinnies!

<3 Alex E.

Drew said...

i recognized those shoes when i saw them, i thought they were the ysl pumps!

Kristine said...

Hey, just wondering what study abroad program you were doing for Paris? Is it fashion related? I didn't know UF had programs for the breaks! Anyways thanks, love, love, love your blog! :)

Flavia said...


Alex: Girl, I won't be wearing these to any outdoor parties : )
The jeans are "Just U.S.A." skinnies from Wolfgang. Only $40! They get pretty frequent shipments. Lunch soone!!

Drew: Gotcha! I've been lusting over the YSLs for soo long! Miss you ; )

Kristine: My program is called "The Cinematic Streets of Paris", it's through the UF Paris Research Center!! It's all about French cinema and how Paris is represented through film, so we get to go to all of the beautiful spots that are featured in old French movies! I'll definitely let you know how it goes! Soo happy to hear that you're enjoying the blog, girl!!

Anonymous said...

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