Friday, February 5, 2010

Calling All Gainesville Cuties:

As I've stated before, I've been so busy lately, but definitely busy in a good way. I've been doing a lot in order to work on gaining more experience in fashion and trying to take on new things. I'm so excited because I was recently hired as the production assistant and model coordinator for the Gainesville Fashion Week 2010 team! Of course my lips are sealed as to the top secret details but I can keep you guys posted on all of the important dates and events to look forward to.

Fashion Week should be amazing this season because the production will be bigger and better than ever, and the theme is totally jet-set. The biggest thing that we have coming up right now is the Model Casting Call! You and all of your chic and beautiful friends should go to the casting call on February 21st at the Neutral 7 offices here in Gainesville. Don't be shy, being a model is so much fun and if you're worried that you don't have professional experience strutting your stuff, the GFW team will be hosting a free modeling clinic on February 17th where you can practice your walk, perfect your poses, and socialize with other models and the event team. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, but I really encourage you to come out and be a part of such an amazing event for our local community. Plus, we'll get to work together! It's still early and there will be a lot more promotion for the event, but just think about it my dearies...

The flashing lights could be on you:


Gainesville Fashion Week Modeling Clinic
February 17th
Venue and Time: TBA

Gainesville Fashion Week Model Casting
February 21st
Neutral 7 Office

Hope I'll see you all soon!



Anonymous said...

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Pia said...

no idea that gainsville had a fashion week! sounds like an awesome job.

so excited for the NY ones this week!! ekk!

Tonnish Touch said...

I'm SO excited about NYFW too! I can't wait to see the Betsey Johnson show on Valentine's Day!

I'll be covering all of the fashion week events which should be a lot of fun, stay tuned! Oh, and I checked out your blog and just want to let you know that your taste for accessories is AMAZING!