Friday, February 5, 2010

Pants On Fire:

These past two weeks have been so hectic! I'm sorry for not posting, but I'm finally finished with my first set of mid-terms so there should be a lot going on with The Tonnish Touch now. Although this outfit isn't very exciting, I wanted to post my favorite pair of granny-slacks. They made their debut months ago at a party, but I never had the courage to wear them again. The other day I decided to combine them with sheer and nerdy layers, perfectly fit for my long study hours. I discovered that these are the most comfortable pants and now I want to wear them everywhere! I'm on the quest for more of these silly trousers. As you can see by my photos, I'm having trouble dealing with my hair growing out. I just don't know what to do to it next!

Have a look:

What I'm Wearing: Banana Republic cardigan, American Apparel lace bodysuit over an Urban Outfitters bodysuit, vintage trousers, vintage belt and brooch, Urban Outfitters flats.

I also wanted to present my new vintage dress form to you! She's a gift from a sweetheart. I'm absolutely in love and I keep changing her outfit. She's perfect for helping me alter vintage finds and also piece together DIY's when I don't have a helping hand around. I still have to put her on a stand but can't help but brag about having such a wonderful treasure. Right now she's just sporting the pearl collar that Leah gave me for my birthday. Expect plenty of accessories posts now that I have this precious model.


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Anonymous said...

omg I love the pants, and...I want your dress form! :) I've been looking for one, and that one is GORGEOUS! :)
Go Flavia! hehehehe