Saturday, October 17, 2009

Night Life:

Due to academic obligations, my being born in 1989, and sheer exhaustion, I haven't been going out very much lately. For the most part I've been seeking relief by thrifting, making girly crafts, and modifying vintage finds into modern beauties. Since we were so fortunate to have a long weekend, I figured I deserved a break and decided to step out last night in full "geek chic" attire. We went to this fabulous house party where the theme was anything GLBT. Of course there were some amazing outfits. I only had the bright idea to start photographing by the end of the party, but I did capture some sweet looks. Here's a peek:

Agnes and I were a nerd "couple"

I think Andrew won the award for best outfit

My buddy Sam, he knows mesh is in for fall.

Alex and I love blazers. And no, we're not sisters.

I'm newly stalking Sara, I loved her hair and this leather backpack!


Obsessed with leather and lace

A cute couple pic was necessary

All in all it was a great night, and I'm totally embracing the mini cold front happening here in Gainesville. I was wearing a fun mix of vintage and new pieces. My blazer, blouse, and oxfords are from Urban Outfitters, my hot pink trousers, beaded bag, and belt are vintage. Oh, and I merchandised the outfit up with geek glasses and vintage cardigan clips! Readers, you have a lot to look forward to! I've been modifying tons of clothing and have several projects coming up. Give us some feedback on what you'd like to see.


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Hannah said...

flavs! You missed the couple picture of me with Ali Rieck, we dressed up as Samantha Ronson (me) and Lindsay Lohan (her). it was so great!!