Thursday, October 29, 2009

Street Style: Amber

NOTE: I am so sorry about my dinky iPhone photos!

Yesterday I was strolling towards my Italian class when I saw a vintage cutie sitting on a bench. When I asked her if I could photograph her, I realized it was Amber, the adorable singer from one of my favorite local bands, Platine! First of all, you guys should really check out this band, they are awesome. Plus, their house show/parites are amaaazing! Second, let's admire her style, shall we? I was immediately drawn to her floral skirt, glasses, and cute shoes. Here's a full body shot:

These vintage frames stole my heart. I recently put prescription lenses into a pair of my own. They are a gift from her granny! I don't care what anyone says, dorky glasses are the greatest!

These are the shoes that this lovely lady was wearing. SO CUTE, right?! I couldn't believe they were Steve Madden! I thought they had been sniped right off of a cute old lady's feet.

I thought Amber and her friend Yiraa looked so sweet sitting on a shady bench eating Krishna. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon them.

Amber wears: Urban Outfitters floral skirt and tank, Steve Madden flats, Vintage glasses.
Yiraa wears: Tee from China, purple acid wash jeans, traffic sandals.

Look out for me at school, I want to take your photo!


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