Friday, October 2, 2009

Winter's Past Vintage

Hello lovelies,

Get excited because I'm about to share a yummy vintage treat with you. I don't normally like reveal my hot spots, but I feel like I should share this with our loyal readers. So here it is: Winter's Past Vintage is the mecca of vintage jewelry. My heart squealed with joy when I walked into this new-found treasure trove. I spent at least an hour in there, unfortunately for my brother. Disclaimer: this is not a thrift store, so expect to pay vintage prices (e.g. $15-20 for most items). Totally worth it though. I found most of this stuff in the back room, which is the "make me a deal" room. Loveeeed it.

So, fine, I guess I should tell you where it is. It's in McIntosh, which if you live in Gainesville, is just a short trip heading south down Highway 441, or what we also called SW 13th St., on Avenue G. It's about 20 minutes from the Gville. Have fun.

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Essentially, everything pictured was $10 all together except the shield ring on the right which was $10. Oh and I turned that bow tie into a necklace, which I'm really loving. I ended up spending a good amount because I found Flavs the most beautiful mesh bow bracelet of LIFE for her birthday. It's perfect and even though it was a week early, I had to give it to her that day. Look out for an upcoming pic.



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