Friday, October 2, 2009

THE Nail Polish, For Less!

Not to sound like a dweeb, but I felt so ahead of the times when I saw that every blogger, style site, and magazine was flipping out over the Chanel "Jade" nail polish that was all over their last runway show. I had been wearing the exact same color since last winter! It's an adorable pastel-green O.P.I. nail color, appropriately called "Hey! Get In Lime!". I'm not sure if this color was discontinued, but I got it for about $8 at my local Trade Secret store. You should try and get your hands on some! I wore it here.

Mine, $8.50


Chanel's, probably a LOT more expensive.

Is this really the first time anyone thought to put sea-foam nail polish on their fingers?
I'm so perplexed...

Anyway, I hope that you are able to find this lovely look for less, like I did.


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