Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This update is a bit random, I apologize.
A while back I bought this wonderful faux-fur jacket at Urban Thread. I absolutely love it! This past weekend was surprisingly chilly and my jacket kept me warm and cozy throughout the ordeal. The satin bow is lovely because you can tie it with an over-sized bow, a mini bow-tie, or the ribbons can flow loosely. I think it channels both a 50s vixen and Lil Kim.

I have also fallen for a wonderful vintage accessory that I wish was still common today: Vintage Shoe Clips! They are simple in theory, but add such beauty to your flats and heels. I'm hoping to make some of my own. They take your shoes from this....

To this! So pretty, right? These are lovely mother-of-pearl with gem details.

The long weekend gave me a lot of time to do some serious thrifting and sewing. I adjusted so many skirts and dresses, I'll be posting those very soon. I have lots of ideas in the works right now, but I'll have to keep them secret until everything is set in stone. There's a chill in the air so hopefully I can post some lovely street style looks this week!

Readers, are you out there? Let us know what you've been thinking of the blog and what you'd like to see more of!



Sharon said...

Love the blog, check it every few days...I'd like to see more DIY posts and more street style photos. Thanks!

Flavia said...

thanks girl!!
yeah i've been carrying my camera with me to school every day in hopes of spotting a cutie in cold weather gear. i'll definitely scope some people out today! also, i have a big diy coming up but i dont want to spoil the surprise. thanks for the advice girl, your wish is my command!

Leah and Flavia said...

i just realized furries is the title. thank youuuuu <3