Monday, October 5, 2009

My Birthday Treasures:

My friends are always dead-on when it comes to what I love. I suppose that my style is super easy to read. Anything granny, frilly, girly, and/or pink will do the trick! I am so lucky to have such caring friends, I really can't believe all of the beautiful things that I was gifted for my birthday! Here's a little looksie:

Leah gave me this amazing pearl necklace that doubles as a collar. I think her exact quote was "It was just so crazy, only you could wear it". She knows me so well!

Check out this amazing bow bracelet! I did a little research, and it's vintage Givenchy! Leah gave it to me early. Now I can't live a day without wearing it.

Beautiful brooches in an adorable box, hand made by Leah.

These are two pairs of amazing old lady glasses that I thrifted forever ago. My amazing boyfriend is taking them in to have my prescription lenses put on, I can't wait to wear them to school! The ones on the bottom are vintage Gucci!

Agnes gave me the new Sartorialist photo book, it is amazing! She also bought me this beautiful hot pink winter coat with a white fur collar, so glamorous!

My long time bestie, Lindsay, got me amazing vintage accessories. I'm all over this translucent tulip scarf. She also got me an adorable quilted bag and bangles to match!

Zaira got me the ultimate granny purse! It is so beautiful, super structured with a mother of pearl handle and trimmings. The beading is in perfect condition. I'm in love.

My parents got me a few vintage treasures on our adventures together this weekend, but I think that deserves a whole post in itself. I had the greatest, most relaxing birthday. I hope you enjoyed these festive posts. More to come!

With Love,


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