Monday, October 5, 2009

My Lovely Potluck Picnic:

This Sunday was my 20th birthday, and I had an absolutely wonderful day. I had a great weekend in general because it was full of adventures and treasure hunting with friends and family. Saturday morning I woke up bright and early with my newly coiffed boy and we drove out to Haile Plantation and visited a boatload of yard sales. Then my family arrived and we were off to the Hippodrome Costume Sale in search of theatrical accessories. (Photos of the spoils of these treasure hunts coming soon) The rest of Saturday was spent fine dining, catching up, and even included an impromptu trip to Winters Past.

Sunday was a special day because I spent the day lounging in the shade with all of the people that I adore. I hosted a "Lovely Potluck Picnic" where we all munched on delightful picnic food and amazing sweet treats while dressed in our whimsical autumn best. I had a great time eating and chatting, and cutting my to-die-for Hello Kitty birthday cake. Here are some pictures of the greatest afternoon ever:

It really was a great birthday. Well, my next post is going to be a look at my birthday loot! I'm not going to lie, my friends really hooked it up. I can't believe how amazingly well everyone knows exactly what I love, haha. I hope you enjoyed this dear post. Until next time!

20 year old Flavia


Leah and Flavia said...

I really love how ridiculous Agnes and I look in all these pics. The ones of Ben and Zaira look so awesome. So old fashioned.

hearts, Leah

Agnes said...

AHH thanks for these awwful pics of me girl haha

Flavia said...

you guys are dumb, the pics are cute!