Thursday, October 29, 2009

Even My Wheels Are Trimmed In Lace:

I'm not sure about you guys, but in my life everything serves as an accessory. All of my appliances, tools, and everyday items are pastel, lace, or ruffled in nature, be it a coffee machine, clip-board, , pens, or a bike. I don't know what it is but when simple things come in a cute color or pattern, it makes going on with everyday tasks all the more pleasant.

My bike is one of my most treasured possessions. It is a gift from my sweetheart, a project that we started before we were even an "item", and has evolved into one of my loveliest and most fun belongings. It started out as on old, unwanted bike, and is now a cupcake on wheels. It had been a while since I wanted a top tube protector, because people at our campus bike racks really seem to lack any courtesy. It is really hurtful to knock over and scratch someone else's bike for the sake of parking your own, don't you think? Anyway, that is what inspired me to do this little DIY project, and it ended up turning out rather wonderful. Here's a peek at my bici with its new accessory:

I wanted it to be girly, of course, and I was so lucky to find this LACE-printed plastic to layer over a deep purple. The foam interior protects my pastel paint job from evil.

Close-up of the print. Isn't it darling?

A special thanks to my favorite sewing partner, I couldn't have completed this without you! Don't you guys agree that it's the little things that put a smile on your face? Another secret, yet endearing detail about my top-tube protector: the velcro that closes it together is bright pink : )
Let me know if you'd like any details about the DIY project itself. It was a little difficult because we basically had to wing it. Hope you enjoyed this post! Much more to come...


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