Wednesday, October 21, 2009

School Cool:

Everyday as I rush from class to class, dodging people on my bike and dorkily dropping all of my things on the ground, it can really be a breath of fresh air to see someone who put caring thought into their outfit. I know that for me, getting dressed in the morning is a special treat, the calm before the storm, as my weekdays are typically so hectic. A polka-dot romper or a pearl collar can really make the news of a pop quiz or an upcoming project a bit lighter on my shoulders.

Well, today as I was rushing out of Italian class, I saw Lauren sitting by the library and I thought that she really had a look of her own. The little details like her feather earrings, pompom flats, and teeny vest are what drew me to her. Plus, I was amazed at how budget savvy this girl was! Check her out:

Lauren Wears: Ray Ban Sunnies, H&M Vest, Walmart Tee, Forever21 Skirt, and Gap flats.

Can't we all just dress up for school every now and then? Thanks for letting me attack you with my camera, Lauren! Just so you guys know, I'm constantly lurking for cuties around school to photograph. I really want to boost the street style aspect of our blog, so if you see me with my hot pink bike, don't be shy! Hope to bump into you soon!


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