Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spotted: GFW Model Style

So I told you guys I'd post about some GFW style, and I'm keeping my promise! I couldn't help but ask model, David, if I could photograph him. From head to toe, this dreamboy exudes an incredible urban-chic sense of style. I love that his outfit can take him from campus--to dinner--to a club. Do I even have to bring up the HAIR?! David exemplifies exactly what it takes to be a street-style icon: confidence, relaxed fits, and statement accessories. Unfortunately for the rest of us, they don't sell swagga by the bottle.

Here's a look at David's outfit from the Gainesville Fashion Week Model Callbacks:

What He's Wearing: Urban Outfitters shirt, jeans, and boots. Gifted necklace worn with a camera charm from Wolfgang.

Isn't that hair to die for?! I'm so inspired by people who have such bold personal style.

Oh, and look for me around town because I'm now shooting pictures of people to feature for INsite Magazine's "Look Of The Day" column! So many cuties to hunt down, soo little time!
I'm going to have to cut my blogging for the night, I have lots of reading to do. I promise I'll finish that D.I.Y. and post it asap!

Thanks again to all of my wonderful readers! From being tossed love notes, to receiving compliments on the sidewalk, you guys are really the sweetest. I promise, you are all motivating me to post more and more great material for the blog.

With Love,


Sonya said...

Gainesville has a Fashion Week? I guess I haven't lived here long enough to know this!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I love his look, especially the hair!

Anonymous said...


Flavia said...

Sonya: Yeah girl, surprising I know! I'll keep you posted on all of the upcoming events, no worries! Btw, I love your blog!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY!: I can't get over the hair! I love dramatic looks. I wanted to tell you, I really love your style posts and DIYs!!