Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gainesville Fashion Week: My New Life!

Good evening, everyone!

I've been living the life of a crazy event planner lately, but it feels like Gainesville Fashion Week 2010 is really happening now! I'm constantly calling, texting, tweeting, and emailing, but the thrill of putting together this amazing event makes me love my new frantic fashion life. Tonight was our model callback event, and we squeezed 93 models, plus judges, press, spectators and the GFW team into Sharab Lounge for an incredible night of strutting and sass. Im exhausted, but at the same time so excited. Last week revolved around our Modeling Clinic (last Wednesday), Casting Call (all day Sunday), and tonight's Callbacks. What's next: committee meeting Friday and setting up an on-campus fashion show with UF Coveted List and Retail Society, among other things. Oh yeah...and tons of studying!

Here's a little peek at what my life has been like for the past week or so:

I'll post some photos of the model callbacks as soon as I get the chance, it's really a sight to see! Also, I promise that I'll finally post that DIY! It's killing me that I'm only missing one little part of it, but I want it to be perfect for you all. I'll give you a little tease by posting about one of my favorite male model's amazing style! Hope all is well with you readers!


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