Monday, April 13, 2009

Pocket Closet Application

Hello all, 

I thought this application for iPhone and iPod touch (and for sidekick I've heard) was amazing and figured you'd like to hear about it. It's called Pocket Closet, its only .99 cents, and it gives you the ability to have a categorized closet like Cher from Clueless..... yeah amazing. I've always been super jealous of that. So here's what it does: 

  • take photos of your clothes and accessories and categorize by item
  • shake your iPhone to get randomized outfits (so cool)
  • use the built-in calender to date when you wore an outfit or clothing item
  • use calender to recall all dates you wore an item
  • email your friends ensembles you've designed from your wardrobe (this may be my favorite because I always want to ask Flavs what she thinks)
I think it's useful for shopping trips when you're trying to figure out whether you have something to match an item or something. Check it out! I can't wait to get it. 



Lauren said...

Thank you for giving one more reason to love my iPhone oh so much!

Leah and Flavia said...

yeah, as if you needed one!

Breana said...

I have the app on my iphone and honestly, I think using is much easier and gives you many more options. Also, most of my friends don't have an iphone so this just gives us all the ability to 'share' clothes being on the same site.

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