Saturday, May 30, 2009

A day of thrifting in Orlando

This is maybe the coolest thing I've ever found, yet did not have a courage to buy, in a thrift store

reminds me of Balmain

here's what I wore today

A closeup of my shredded tee and knotted Chanel scarf. The scarf is so long I have to think of creative ways to wear it that won't suffocate me in the heat.

Brooches that I purchased today

Heart stick-pin (left) and pearl brooch (middle) both $2 at Community Thrift store on Edgewater Drive; rainbow heart pin (right) $.99 at Dechoes on Colonial Drive.

I snagged this red blazer for $3 at Dechoes on Edgewater Drive. I've been looking for a red blazer for the longest time. I think this was my best find today.

I look like a floating torso. The light was great in Laura's room today. She's my new favorite photographer!

I had to have this belt because it reminded me of the leaf cloak-clasps that I've always drooled over from Lord of the Rings. Yes, I'm a nerd. It was $9.99, but I had a store credit with Dechoes, so I got it for a lot less.

Butterfly pin from Dechoes for $.50. It's hard to see but it's purple and green and it was so cheap for something so pretty. If you live in Orlando, do yourself a favor and go to Dechoes. There's one on Edgewater Drive, Colonial Drive, and Curry Ford Road. I've heard Curry Ford's is the best, although I've never been...yet.

Thrifting has become necessary in my life due to my love for shopping and total lack of resources to do so. Ohhh if only I could find a job in Orlando. Anyway, where are your favorite places to thrift?



Mardjan said...

that jeans jacket would have been pretty fierce, but the red blazer looks really chic, would never have guessed that it was thrifted...

unfortunately, there are no real thrift stores in germany....

Leah and Flavia said...

thank you! it's so satisfying to find pieces like that for so cheap.

how are there no thrift stores in germany? that seems so strange to me.

natasha said...

there are 2 new Goodwill's that opened up in oviedo/winter springs area. went to one the other day and was pleasantly surprised! definitely need to do more thrifting this week though, i'm wanting more DIY jorts.

Ciao Bella! said...

looove the pics :)