Thursday, May 28, 2009

Granny Tunics:

I have always loved the sequin dresses and tunics that I see at thrift stores. Unfortunately, I never manage to find any smalls. There is just something about mixing granny style with contemporary accessories that just looks so chic. A few months ago I acquired this adorable butterfly tunic at a local vintage store. I pretty much had to have it. It has a really interesting cut. When I hold my arms out, I look like a butterfly. 

I went to Jacksonville with my boyfriend for Memorial Day, and we always stop by a few thrift stores when we are in town. I got really lucky at this one stop because I found two sequin tunics, both in excellent condition. The best part, both are size small! 

This silver beauty is stunning on. It's a decent length, so I'm thinking of pairing it with a skinny belt at the waist. It has really adorable puff sleeves, and a round neckline. I'm thinking of pairing this with shiny black leggings and frilly platforms. 

I love the cosmic-floral embellishment on this tunic. It is pretty neat because it has a zippered back and a v-neck. My big question for this one is, do I ditch the shoulder pads?? I know bold shoulders are a huge trend right now (duh), but the shoulder pads on this piece are massive, and they aren't really cone-shaped, they are just really round and poofy. I think I may cut them out so that this piece can be a little bit blouse-y. How do you think I should wear this one?

I'm not sure if I've "formally" announced on the blog that I'll be traveling to Italy at the end of June. I'll be doing a study abroad program in Rome, I'm so excited! The catch is that I've been saving all of my money for my trip, so basically I haven't been doing any shopping lately. Thrifting is really the only thing in my budget right now, so if anyone knows any hot-spots and would like to go together, let me know! The last time I did the thrift circuit here in Gainesville, Secondhand Rose was closing (RIP). Have any of you readers been to Rome or Florence? If so, please let me know of any must-visit shopping spots! I'm hoping to find beautiful accessories there. Oh, another qualm I have about these pretty tunics is that they are very dressy (not a bad thing), but I'm wondering how I can manage to wear these during the day. I haven't been daring enough to do it yet. If you have any ideas on how to dress these down, let me know. 

In other news, I got my hair cut yesterday!! It is a modified version of Karla's girly mohawk, so stay tuned for photo updates. Also, I'll try to post pictures of my tunics and other affordable finds that have made their way into my hands lately.


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natasha said...

oh my goodness, i'm so excited for you!
okay, you must go to the leather market in Florence; i got incredible, high quality gladiator sandals there.

there are a bunch of little street markets that sell those Ciao Bella shirts. even though it's kinda touristy you can find really interesting things there, like blown glass bottle openers, metal cuffs with pretty engraved details, and really pretty scarves.
when i went they were setting up a runway near the duomo for some type of fashion show. have fun and take lots of pics!