Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Sandals

Target, $24.99
These might be my favorite.

Steven Madden, $50

Aldo outlet, $25
What was once outrageous last year is now toned-down. I like that about these.

Zara, $70
These were just so different than any sandals I'd ever seen. I feel like a futuristic disciple in them.

Essentially, I went the inexpensive route because I wanted to have multiple pairs to play around with. Although one or two amazing pairs of sandals is great, I like the variety of my new collection. Plus, I don't have a job yet in Orlando, so it seemed like pragmatism was the wise path.


Alexandra said...

AH! i have been wearing those target sandals every single day, no joke. i love them!

Leah and Flavia said...

aren't they amazing!?


Daniel said...

The Steve Madden and Zara sandals are amazing. Your taste is impeccable, Leah.

Jaslynn said...

You have incredible chocie for those summer sandals... Steve madden sandals are looking really fantastic in your feet...

Carina said...

All those are absolutely fantastic pairs.! I am in love with Target sandals.