Monday, May 4, 2009

The Kentucky Derby and Oaks Races

Hello lovelies, 

I just got back from a trip to Kentucky with my parents to visit family. Incidentally, I have family members who train horses and one of my second cousins had a horse in a race on Derby day. It was an absolute culture shock, and I picked up a little accent on our sojourn--to my boyfriend's utter dismay. I loved walking around and taking pictures of the people--with my brother's ridiculous Nikon D300-- who were actually dressed nicely. The hats were mostly crazy and hideous, but some were tasteful, which made for fabulous people watching. 

My hat that I adorned with flowers and the butterfly pin

She was so beautiful

By far my favorite headpiece 

amazing coat 

best dressed maybe?

I saw a lot of watercolor florals and they were lovely

pretty maxi dress

Millionaire's row 

dainty lady 

blurry but she was amazing--love the flower headpiece

me on Derby day sans hat (i wore it and my nice dress the day before)

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Anonymous said...

your hat came out so cute! love you :)


p.s. i'm back home and haven't seen you... not cool. entertain me!