Saturday, September 19, 2009

DIY: Brooch and Earring Frame

A few weeks ago on a thrift trip, I found this amazing frame in a bin for only $1. It was perfect for a DIY project that I had in mind. I went to another thrift store and found a sheet of vintage lace, whipped out my staple gun, and went to work. The end result was this awesome brooch and earring frame. It is perfect for displaying earrings and keeping your vintage brooches and cameos safe from harm. I absolutely love it!

Have you guys been DIYing lately? What do you think of this little project? Hope you enjoyed! Also, expect more DIYs because I bought a crocheting kit and I plan on making tons and tons of neck doilies and grocery sacks.



Rebekah Geier said...

You totally inspired me to do something like this for my room! I have empty space on my walls, way too many unorganized earrings, and the longing for some serious arts & crafts!! Haha so thank you dear :)

Flavia said...

aw, yay!
i'm soo glad you like it. isn't it the perfect way to show off your jewels but not look too clunky and tangled?! i hope ill be seeing you around soon, btw!

Anonymous said...

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