Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fashion Week Recap: Fashion's Night Out

Fashion's Night Out was soo much fun! Leah and I, along with two of our besties (Zaira and Agnes), set out to tear this town apart with our debit cards on Thursday night. We did some serious damage to say the least.

We started out at Dahlia (on NW 43rd St) and enjoyed chatting with Christy about her upcoming fashion show. Zaira and Agnes left with a couple of super cute tanks. Here are some pics of Dahlia:

Leah and I with the super-adorable owner, Christy. Her outfit was one of the looks from her fashion show!

We got to shop while muching on mini-cupcakes and pink champagne.

After checking out Dahlia, we made our way over to perhaps my favorite little boutique in Gainesville, Loop de Loop! If you've never been, Loop de Loop is on NE 16th Ave, just past Main St. This store is a haven for beautiful vintage treasures and cute trinkets. We had so much fun chatting it up with the store owners and shopping around. I left with an adorable vintage neck-scarf that doubles as a cowl. I'll be sure to post pictures soon. Here is a look at Loop de Loop:

We made quite a few more stops on our FNO adventure, including a necessary and expensive stop at American Apparel where we all bought sooo much stuff. We just had to take advantage of that amazing 25% discount! Next we headed over to Persona, an awesome vintage boutique on SE 2nd Place. They had really cool live mannequins posing throughout the store and each of us left with adorable accessories: Here's a picture of us with the owner and one of her original designs:

Oh, and that's the floral Audrey dress that was featured in the Wolfgang fashion show! Only $36!
After Persona, the girls and I enjoyed dinner and free wontons at Dragonfly, and then made our way over to some of the bars that were part of FNO. We were exhausted from walking and shopping that we made our way home after stopping by the Lux afterparty. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in Fashion's Night Out. We had so much fun shopping and socializing with local business owners. Leah and I, along with the rest of the Wolfgang team, worked SO hard to plan this night and we are so happy that it turned out to be such a great event. Did any of you guys go to Fashion's Night out? Let us know what you thought! We would absolutley love some feedback so that we can make the next one even better.
Coming up: recaps of Dahlia and BobbyK fashion shows


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