Monday, September 14, 2009

Street Style: Jessica and Troy

I spotted this hot duo at Skyy bar on Friday night while waiting for the Dahlia and BobbyK fashion shows. Are they not amazing looking?! When I asked where her sick harem pants were from, she answered "My mom's closet"! Go figure! These authentic 70's pants look amazing paired with a slinky cami and serious neck candy. I was honestly stalking this girl all night. The story behind Troy is that this wasn't our first fashion-oriented interaction. I've already nearly died over his style once before on a crosswalk near campus. I was kicking myself for not photographing him last time, so I knew that tonight I just couldn't let him slip away. I love that he pairs his edgy jeans and sneaks with geek-chic layering of a cardi, tie and button up. These two were my favorite pair of the night!



Anonymous said...

OMG! Thanks so much Flavia! I can't believe you actually put it up! I am completely and utterly flattered! I hope to run in to you more often! Take care.


Troy said...

Hey Flavia and Leah!! Good seeing you all at the show. Thanks for posting the Pic! I totally agree with Jessica! Thanks again and I'm pretty sure I'll run into you very soon. Later!

Troy K.

Leah and Flavia said...

We'd like to thank the both of you for being cute and sweet =)